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Hi, I'm a long time Mastodon user who is moving away from mastodon dot social because it's too crowded. The main things I am interested in are:

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MySpace has lost all music uploaded between 2003 and 2015.

There are no backups.


Don't trust cloud services. One day Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr will be gone too. YouTube will shut down, and so will Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox.

Always keep a local copy.

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3 types of programs:

$ foo -h
invalid option -- 'h'
Try 'foo --help' for more information.

$ foo --help
invalid option -- '-'
usage: foo [-iuegnvlairKnsivrngvV] qux blarg

$ foo --help
unknown option '--help', continuing anyway
deleting your files...
^C^Cdeleting more files...^C

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If these are the only ways I can sign into your web app, I'm not interested. No matter how useful that app is

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Here's an exhaustive list of every site I am willing to disable adblock for:

My phone keeps vibrating and not showing a notification and it's annoying and creepy

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gotta love a chat app made out of a browser that spikes your cpu usage whenever you type
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Sad: Ubuntu Software Center puts Hiri and Mailspring (both proprietary softwares) above free software email clients like Thunderbird and Claws Mail when searching "email"

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@Ocean22 in case of windows installing malware on malware to search malware

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RT We just cut the first release candidate for Riot 1.0 😄 🎉 Intrepid testers are welcome to give it a go at and help us test! 7pm Friday RCs ftw...


Sorry for the rant, but this is the first time I have genuinely felt angry at a company for completely disrespecting their users.

I am so disappointed, angry and sad that this is what Microsoft has come to.
First they try to get you to install the Teams desktop app, which is not available on Linux, then they force me to make myself more vulnerable to trackers to use the Teams web app?!?
Why on earth is that required???

And the worst thing is, I don't have a choice.
There's no other way for me to access Microsoft Teams.
I am literally forced to give up my privacy to view an assignment.

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German Regulators Just Outlawed Facebook's Whole Ad Business

Some good news to kick off the weekend with.


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the latest samsung phone has a "bixby" button
when you press it, it immediately launches samsung's shitty version of alexa/siri/etc
you can't disable it
every time someone manages to release a way to disable it samsung patches the exploit

this is the most popular android manufacturer

what the FUCK.

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Accessibility isn't just for "disabled" people.

Accessibility benefits EVERYONE, from the people who are severely impacted to those who find the extra options convenient, and everyone in between.

THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE to making your stuff more accessible.

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