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Hi, I'm a long time Mastodon user who is moving away from mastodon dot social because it's too crowded. The main things I am interested in are:

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Wine 4.0 released!

This release represents a year of development effort and over 6,000 individual changes. It contains a large number of improvements that are listed in the release notes below. The main highlights are:

* Vulkan support.
* Direct3D 12 support.
* Game controllers support.
* High-DPI support on Android.

The source is available now. Binaries are being built, and will appear soon at their download locations.

#Wine #Linux #gaming #Vulkan

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I need a timetrack app, I've not found a good one for me so spent one day writting my own app for timetracking:

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I've just released a new version of olm-rs - a safe Rust wrapper around libolm. You can find it here:

Libolm is used for end-to-end encrypted communication in the Matrix protocol and is implemented in C/C++.

As of now olm-rs implements all functionality that would be required for proper E2EE support in a Matrix client.
Working with it for the past few months have given me confidence that the implementation is safe and correct. So please if you have a Rust project and want to dive into E2EE, have a look at olm-rs.

Olm-rs is available on
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@clacke @grainloom "we use our own proprietary encryption algorithm" is code for "we have absolutely no idea what we are doing"

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I dunno if it's just me but it seems like image descriptions here are at a low ebb again.

When I click on an image that's integral to the point you're making and you haven't told me what it is, that makes me feel like I've just seen everyone else walk through a door that gets slammed in my face.

I'm not mad I'm just tired.

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A quick look at the #PantherX Desktop: Here we've got the Menu with global search that can dig into PDF's and other documents, Hub with all online accounts and recent messages and of course System - at the top, right - with clear connection information; supporting all modern standards, including special cases such as OpenVPN with stunnel.

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anyone ever told you "premature optimization is the root of all evil"?

let me tell you a story. about computers and javascript and hitler and the soviet union.

a friend of mine just dug up some numbers and did some math for my dyscalculic ass and came up with the conclusion that just by transmitting the minified version of jquery around (not even executing it!), Planet Earth is likely using up somewhere between 7-14 billion kWh of power every year.

let's put that into some perspective.

world war two was the single deadliest conflict in human history. it killed somewhere around 80 million people, which at the time was three percent of *all humans, everywhere.* it left europe in ruins, and nowhere was the damage so intense and horrific as the Soviet Union.

the Battle of Stalingrad is one of the most famous battles of the war. two million people died there alone. in the opening salvos the entire city was flattened by nazi and soviet bombs alike. eventually the Union prevailed, at a tremendous cost.

but Stalingrad was only one of the cities flattened, only one of the battles fought as Europe burned. the devastation was so comprehensive that nearly every western nation had to rely on aid from the US, one of the only powers on either side whose economy was intact, to rebuild. (it didn't help that American wartime policy was designed more to inflict as much Nazi death and destruction as possible on the Soviets, of course).

if we add up the energy of every single explosive device detonated over the course of that terrible war, from hand grenades all the way up to the two atom bombs the US detonated over japan, slaughtering civilians en masse and turning two cities to rubble in the space of a moment, we get the figure of about 3 megatons. or in kilowatt hours, 3.4 billion, spread out across all those years of war.

compared to 7-14 billion kWh just to transmitting the same tangle of bytes around again and again. every single year.

and that's just jquery. not the cost of executing it. not the mass of other garbage javascript and analytics and social media spyware, which now often adds up to megabytes per page. not the cost of rendering or running any of that.

just to zap jquery back and forth across the internet to every computer accessing a website that uses it.

a final point of comparison, now that i have your attention: bitcoin uses up 46,000 billion kilowatt hours per year. a number which is likely to keep on growing.

draw your own conclusions about web design & software optimization.
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All Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) implementations contain 4 security vulnerabilities that allow malicious SCP servers to make changes on the client's side:

– all SCP implementations (OpenSSH, Putty, WinSCP etc.) are affected
– vulnerabilities are there since 1983
– CVE-2018-20685, CVE-2019-6111, CVE-2019-6109, CVE-2019-6110
– at the moment, only WinSCP provides a patch (WinSCP 5.14)

#scp #ssh #openssh #winscp #putty #vulnerability #infosec #cybersecurity #security

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hey y'all an official announcement, since i have no reason to keep it a secret, tho details will be coming later on, and not as much in the now

planning to kickstart/patreon and develop a video game, next month, relased on the final day of the month (over for those who havent contributed money)

it'll be a fast paced, bullet hell-vein platformer based on combos and skillful play, but with an emphasis on not causing a game over state, so you have room for failure

stay tuned~ (boosts okay)

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"Being an 'Apple person' or a 'Windows person' is a marketing gimmick, not a personality trait. Amazon is just a version of Walmart that collaborates with cops. Your community existed before Facebook. Google wasn’t always a verb. We have the ability to change these companies by the way we interact with them—but only if we want to."

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If you are interested in joining our collaborative writing adventure,, and want to know how to join and how to participate, I've made a video guide that walks you through getting started.

Sadly, my laptop made the audio crunchy from minute 1-6:40, but it's still understandable. After that it clears up and things are smooth again. I'll shoot an updated cleaner version this weekend.

#cosmic #tilde #sci-fi #writing

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@karen Linux being more compatible with microsoft stuff than windows?
Not really new… LibreOffice is well known to be able to at least open all Word Documents.
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i've used linux for years now and i still don't refer to microsoft as "micro$oft". it IS possible people. you don't have to be so painfully unfunny and obnoxious during every single god damned conversation about windows

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oh my. a perfect case for a mastodon server. It even comes with HEPA filter to help combat the toxicity of some instances

How do I best secure my laptop? I've heard of putting the boot on a USB drive and encrypting the rest of the system, but I don't know what the best practices are. Is there anything else I should do?

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