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Hi, I'm a long time Mastodon user who is moving away from mastodon dot social because it's too crowded. The main things I am interested in are:

advent of code 2019 

i wanna finish day 6 but :/
its taking way too long, i think ill leave it for now...

ive spent more than enough time trying to solve it today already, its probably time to stop :(

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advent of code 2019 day 5 

unit testing is nice, actually

(im probably doing it wrong, ive never done unit testing before :p)

advent of code 

everyone finishing aoc challenges like an hour after they are released and i cant even start them until the evening

gmt is a pain :(

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Hi everyone, I just made an Advent of Code private leaderboard
you can find it here: 221918-a17393ff
Join it if you are a friend or a nerd from fedi, etc.

(Yes I have not acquired my first star yet IM WORKING ON IT)

installing nixos on a usb external hdd is taking longer than i anticipated...

i'm trying to use algo ( ) on nixos but i get stuck at the setting up virtualenv stage. here's the error i'm getting:

anyone got any idea how i could fix this?

ok so when did firefox for linux add touchpad scroll coasting support? this is great!

why does nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade want to download literally _every single package_ i have again? even if there is no version upgrade???

this sort of stuff makes me want to just give up and install ubuntu...

i have a friend who would like to use xmpp for communication. has anyone got recommendations for servers i should suggest to them?

i update my device to the latest version of lineageos (manually, the updater app doesnt work)

it gets stuck in a bootloop, so i wipe system and reinstall lineage, gapps (i need push notifications and microg is still imperfect) and magisk

it boots

i get hit with a seemingly endless stream of popups telling me that "carrier services has stopped"

i eventually get through all of them

everything serms well, apart from one thing

the fingerprint sensor doesnt work any more


does gitea not build for armv7l or am i doing something wrong?

generating dh parameters on a raspberry pi

> This is going to take a long time

it sure is...

the only thing stopping me is that i am really bad at naming things

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give me a valid domain name that is cheaper than £20/year and ill host some stuff on it

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