The Portland Linux Kernel meetup begins this Wednesday, August 3rd, 6:00 PM at the Lucky Labrador Beer Hall (1945 NW Quimby Street)

U-Boot v2022.07 was released on July 11th. Here are the contributions made by engineers during the latest development cycle of the popular open source bootloader:

🐧📅 The first Portland Linux Kernel meetup will be on August 3rd, Wednesday, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM PDT at the Lucky Labrador Beer Hall on NW Quimby

I've scheduled the first Portland Linux Kernel meetup for Wednesday, August 3rd. Location is still to be determined. I'm going to contact some places in NW and SW Portland with outdoor seating. Please comment with any suggestions.

Announcing the Portland Linux Kernel meetup: I know there are a lot of Linux people in the area, but I've not had the opportunity to meet many of you since moving here in 2020. Let's get together and talk about our favorite (almost) 31 year old kernel.

Heiko Stübner recently spoke at Embedded World about how a single Linux kernel image can support a range of different RISC-V platforms. The slides are now available:

The KiCad project is moving to a new developer e-mail list server. You can subscribe to the new list by e-mailing

For details on this change, please visit

Our contributions to Linux 5.18 include support for Amlogic, MediaTek, Texas Instruments and Cortina SoCs along with subsystems like DRM and crypto

BayLibre engineer Nicolas Pitre contributed a new implementation of RISC-V PMP support in Zephyr v3.1. Physical Memory Protection (PMP) is RISC-V parlance for a memory protection unit (MPU).

🪁 Zephyr v3.1.0 was released at the beginning of June, and four BayLibre engineers contributed 111 commits to the release. Find out more about the new features on our blog:

KiCad Version 6.0.6 Released

The KiCad project is proud to announce the fifth version 6 bug fix release.

Interesting quote about the history of panic()

... from Embedded Linux Conf talk today 'If (oops) { Do_not_panic(); }' by Lucky Tyagi


🇫🇷🐧🧑‍🍳 and made for a magical week in Paris. After three long years apart, we truly appreciated the opportunity to reconnect with our fellow collaborators in the Linux kernel and other open source projects

Linus wrote in the Linux 5.19-rc1 announcement yesterday: 'One thing of note is how the long-time ARM generic kernel work (aka "multiplatform") is pretty much done after 10+ years. Congrats to everybody involved.'

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