I see this conversation a lot on the Internet:

Bob: "I need a good way to do [some task]."

Alice: "Oh that problem has been solved for years. Simply use this tool, dummy!"

Bob: "I need a good way to do [some task] that normal non-techie people can handle, with minimal learning curve."

Alice: "I'm going to argue why my tool is the only tool worth using."

Bob: "I don't care. My grandma can't use your tool. Please stop talking about your tool."

That is so true.
I think usability is a must in any technology, otherwise is not useful to most people.

@pcrock But it's really easy to use! Look, it's so simple, you can just throw together a basic GUI with [list of seven (probably) names of functions accessible if you load the tool as a dynamically-linked library] and GTK. And what's more…

@pcrock ends with "I don't understand why no one uses it"

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