Just ordered an /e/-smartphone. I am super curious to test it seriously and then to install , codeberg.org/diva.exchange/div, on it. 😀

🙏 for the /e/fforts to @gael

@konrad does /e/ actually do anything useful now? I don't see what the point is over regular LineageOS or LineageOS with the microG build

@Matter I don't know yet - pls allow a few weeks for tests. But you know: if something does not live up to my expectations... I change it 😀 ... like installing Debian or LineageOS or whatever I feel like. I want full control over my stuff.

@konrad @Matter I have been running /e/ for a while now. I think their goal is to make something kind of like the iPhone walled garden "safe, private, convenient" experience for regular consumers. Beyond that:

* Stronger focus on privacy than Lineage
* Privacy-oriented services come with the phone out of the box (like having a Google account, but instead it's an /e/ account)
* Their own curated app store that allows installing proprietary apps, but with privacy ratings

@konrad @Matter For technical users, I think Lineage + F-Droid is really all you need. I opted out of the /e/ account, and it works fine. I'm mainly keeping an eye on /e/ so that if it does get a bit more polished, it might be a good replacement for my wife's phone some day.

@pcrock @konrad Hmm interesting, I don't like what they did in the past by rebranding stuff without attribution and such. There is not enough differentiation with Lineage to /e/ worth all the hype and fundraising


@Matter @konrad Yeah I think (hope) they learned a bit from that whole ordeal.

The only thing exciting about /e/ is that it's totally possible nontechnical consumers will some day have the option to buy an Android phone that's built for privacy. If you have the ability to put Lineage on your phone, I say do it. But regular consumers do need something that's both private and easy, out of the box.

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