support in VS Code with the rust-lang.rust extension is frustratingly buggy. Has anyone had a different experience?

Random hole opened up in the sidewalk today revealing a large cavity just beneath the pavement.

I'm new to the idea of distributed hash tables. Question: If a project is built on top of a DHT (like @Jami), does that mean message metadata is basically open to the public? Is a DHT-based system a bad choice for people trying to avoid metadata leaks (i.e. third parties knowing who I talk to and how often)?

Found a bug in my software. Discovered it's a problem in one of my dependencies. Reported it.

They decided it was a bug in one of their dependencies. They reported it.

Less than a week after the initial report: Bug fixed, then bug fixed, then bug fixed.

I've never seen that before.

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Safari has started bringing up this alert and I *really like it*.

What do people use to host documentation for a small-to-medium-size business?

Online tax filing software advertising that they "have tax reform covered."

Where's the tax reform that makes it so I don't have to pay a third party to e-file? Or pay a third party to be confident that my taxes are done right?

Many people around me think everything big companies do is great. People on mastodon seem to assume everything big companies do is intentionally malicious.

I probably do this too. Because calmness and balance is hard, and knee-jerk reactionism is easy.

That feeling when an awesome idea gets shot down because of limited browser APIs. Sigh.

Why is it that my dog is so quiet when asking for something important (like water), but then so darn LOUD when asking for something unimportant (like treats)?

Though on second thought, I suppose we all do that in some way or another.

Does it sound about right that libsodium stream encryption takes several seconds to a couple minutes to encrypt less than 1 MiB? Or am I doing something wrong?

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Following on from @mike toot listing a number of Linux podcasts. I found a list of programming podcasts.

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Running a SIP client on my phone absolutely destroys my battery because it has to be running all the time.

Does anyone know of a sort of federated SIP client that runs on a server, but uses push notifications to tell me about incoming calls?

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#SimpleMatrix a Client built for @matrix now starts to follow the Material Spec more closely and is preparing for the first fdroid stable release in the next few weeks :D

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Giving Mastodon a go again. Had a very difficult time choosing which instance would be best, but @fosstodon seemed the most appropriate.

Linux as a daily driver for about 10 years both in my profession (web developer) as well as my hobbies. I enjoy tooling around with ham radio, building circuits, vintage electronics, and some coding on the side.

I guess the advantage of federation over fully-distributed systems is that my devices don't need to be running all the time in order for things to work.

Wishing I could have a server that synced messages with my phone after an off-the-grid camping trip.

Just discovered . I get the impression it's as user-friendly as the many other centrally-controlled messaging apps, but open and distributed like . So, an app that can be used by normal people, but could be forked and still interoperate with other apps. Is that correct?

I'd like to hear some thoughts and first impressions about my new project. Is this useful? A good or bad idea? Know of any projects that already solve the same problems better? Grateful for any feedback.

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