Got running swimmingly from a flash drive, and a coming in the mail tomorrow. It's going to be a nerdy week.

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Any recommendations for a USB stick that works well hosting an operating system? Not a read-only live USB setup, but a full OS install. Bonus points if I can put multiple partitions on the stick.

I want to try out Qubes, Fedora, and maybe a couple other distros. Once I've found the distro I like, I plan to leave it on the USB stick and use the internal drive in my laptop just for data storage.

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Finally joined the fediverse and fosstodon seemed like a solid place to jump in.

I am a Fedora Linux user (full-time since v25) and have been using Linux and FOSS in some capacity for the past ten years. My roots are in Debian.

Recently I've been taking the time to really learn Vim and alongside that, started writing in Markdown. I'm also learning to use Ansible and reading through The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, et al.

Looking forward to being a part of this community!

Aha. I forgot I signed up for the beta program. Left feedback, then switched to the stable Firefox Focus, and all is well.

After the most recent update, Firefox Focus for Android seems to have stopped working. Every site gives me "Secure Connection Failed." On both my tablet and phone. Anyone having the same issue?

Who came up with the idea to drink wine, one of the most staining substances known to humans, out of a tall, narrow, top-heavy glass?

It's like the wine glass was designed by an engineer as a good prank.

I've noticed a few big negatives about Searx:

1. Google's captcha is a huge problem.
2. Public Searx instances tend to yield terrible search results without Google.
3. Bing search results are often porn, regardless what you're searching for.

I've endured it long enough; I'm just going to switch to Startpage. Which has a "cookieless" settings feature, great for Firefox Focus.

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Does anyone know if it's feasible to compile and test software for OSX without buying Apple hardware?

Thinking twice about this tax accountant, who told us to send her documents full of social security numbers, but mentioned nothing about doing it securely.

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Zbox is a zero-details, privacy-focused embeddable file system. Its goal is to help application store files securely, privately and reliably.

A really interesting project!

This makes me want to run a tarpit on my own server.

See the comment about rickrolling. Lol. If enough people ran rickrolling tarpits, would attackers be forced to implement rickroll-detection?

Side note: Is there anyone on that could send me an invite?

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This is how people from different religions should treat each other

support in VS Code with the rust-lang.rust extension is frustratingly buggy. Has anyone had a different experience?

Random hole opened up in the sidewalk today revealing a large cavity just beneath the pavement.

I'm new to the idea of distributed hash tables. Question: If a project is built on top of a DHT (like @Jami), does that mean message metadata is basically open to the public? Is a DHT-based system a bad choice for people trying to avoid metadata leaks (i.e. third parties knowing who I talk to and how often)?

Found a bug in my software. Discovered it's a problem in one of my dependencies. Reported it.

They decided it was a bug in one of their dependencies. They reported it.

Less than a week after the initial report: Bug fixed, then bug fixed, then bug fixed.

I've never seen that before.

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