Update: It turns out my VPN problem was a temporary bug with the service I was trying to log in to. The issue seemed to resolve itself after 2 or 3 days.

It also turns out that (surprise!) I too have a tendency toward knee-jerk reactions, premature judgment, and a victim mindset.

Any recommendations for a quality low-profile full-size keyboard? Not wireless, with 10-key?

I understand (though don't agree with) the practice of blocking Tor users from logging in to web services. But why are more and more services blocking my own personally-maintained VPN? Is it really so sketchy that my Internet traffic is coming from a data center instead of a regular consumer ISP?

It's particularly annoying that I have to disable the security of my VPN connection in order to use a financial service.

I'm about to recommend an iPhone Mastodon app to some aging parents, but I don't have an iPhone to test things out myself.

Tootle mentions regular expressions in the screenshots. Mast costs $5. Pawoo isn't in English. Amaroq and Mustor have lower ratings.

What do you iPhone users use? Is it good for technologically challenged people?

So I tried reporting a security bug to a vendor twice, and have received no response. Not even an acknowledgement they got the message. What's the next step? Zero Day Initiative?


I filled out a survey today that had a "comments" field, which was restricted to 50 characters. So I wrote:

"50 char restriction makes useful comments impossib"

I'm learning a bit about ActivityPub. I haven't looked into Matrix yet, but I hear it's complex. How complex is Matrix compared to ActivityPub? Would it make sense to build a secure messaging system on top of ActivityPub?

Considered buying a license for a proprietary API at work. Fortunately, I read the license agreement, which requires us to pay several hundred dollars for every developer that works on this project.

I'll pay you for your API, but I will not let you place restrictions on how many people are allowed to work on my project. Holy cow man, that's ridiculous.

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I find it ironic that these vegan gummy candies are shaped like pigs.

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PGP seems to be a lot like JavaScript: Really useful, as long as you use it for the right things and stay away from the minefields. Someone should write a book called, "PGP: The Good Parts."


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What do we want?

Lazy evaluation!

When do we want it?

Only when it is needed!!!!

My dog is so alert, he always sleeps with one ear open.

So in the course of my normal software dev day job, I think I found a legitimate code execution vulnerability in a common Javascript UI framework.

Cool! That's a first.

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Really loving the combination of + the Fedora "minimal" template + snaps. Snaps (and flatpak, appimage, etc.) make the minimal template really easy to use.

Considered buying a smart watch again. But this time I just thought, "Ugh. Yet another way for some company to track my behavior, suck me into their stupid ecosystem, and / or get me to buy a new device every two years."

Sure, if I found a watch that ran FOSS exclusively, it wouldn't be so bad. But the problem isn't just proprietary software: My own appetite tempts me to seek still more things to be enslaved to.

Am I the only person who hasn't noticed any performance difference between Firefox and Chrome? Maybe I'm just going to boring websites that no one else goes to or something. But I wonder if when "normal" people switch to FF, all they really notice is the different appearance of menus, tabs, etc.

Today's mindblowing discovery: Dipping ice cream sandwiches in coffee.

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