I can just feel the endorphin high after reading some enlightening article or funny toot, and I find myself seeking it more and more (endless scrolling, compulsive social media checking, etc.). If I don't take a break from the Interwebz, this will turn into addiction.

See you folks later, I'm out!

An excellent article about optimizing code for simplicity. It's not somehow "for" or "against," but rather just enlightening about how we think about the topic. Might turn out to be one of those classic articles I refer to while having design conversations with coworkers.


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So you might wonder if this Undefined Behaviour thing in C and C++ is as scary as people say it is, and whether compiler warnings are all that important.

Today I happened to stumble upon an excellent example showing that yes, it is that scary.

Consider the following code:

Node* GetFirstUnvisitedNode()
for (int i = 0; i < nodes.size(); ++i)
if (!nodes[i]->visited)
return nodes[i];

Do you see anything wrong with it?

When it was buried in that poor kid's 400 lines of C++, I didn't see any obvious mistake here.

Neat simple idea for an alternative to . I imagine it probably wouldn't work if you have a popular website with millions of users. Has anyone used this technique before?


While I love how user-friendly is, _way_ too much third-party JavaScript is required just for the management page to render.

I'm amazed at how hard it is to get information from the web when blocking trackers, avoiding Google Maps, and restricting which domains can run JavaScript.

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Thanks for the recommendation and the feedback. We plan to develop a small open-source server for self-hosting in the future.

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Hello world I'm Liam.

A little tired of the mainstream socials, so thought I'd check this out in search of something a little geekier and more on brand :)

I'm a longtime software engineer, currently super focussed on building my own company/products using mostly dotnet core, react, terraform and aws.

What's good?

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Very cool feature by @fdroidorg
We all need more of this air gapped friendly functionally

If I want to use open source calendar and email apps on an Android device, I have to install and configure 3 or 4 separate apps (the email and calendar apps, plus a separate CardDAV / CalDAV sync app) to get it all working.

And then some phones have battery-saving "features" that unpredicably kill those apps, so you go for weeks without syncing before you notice anything's wrong.

There has to be a better way. The UX is abysmal.

Ooh. And rather than making it about capturing pre-defined points on the map, make it about users struggling to establish their own strategic points on the map.

Fun software project that I would love to use, but realistically know I'd never build for myself:

A self-hosted location-based game inspired by Niantic's Ingress, but with simpler user interface with significantly lower power consumption for devices, and all data stays private on the server. Also, a game that doesn't try to get you to imagine that everything in it is actually real.

"Light-weight" of course being a relative term... it is already excruciatingly slow compared to nano, for example. I just hope VS Code strikes the right balance between features and simplicity.

Looking through the latest release notes in VS Code, I can't help but think, "With so many features, there are _so_ many opportunities for one of them to act up and start slowing things down." I'm concerned my favorite light-weight text editor will some day become just as slow and cumbersome as VS Pro.

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Google Buys Fitbit for $2.1B


I regret buying a Fitbit device. Not only does it kinda suck but now the data it collected on me is going to change hands as well.

I tried setting the network password on a digital picture frame. It gave me one of those on-screen keyboards, and when I hit the spacebar, it put the literal word "space" in the password. 🙄

Is it just me, or does it seem like Germans don't tend to have custom networking equipment at home as much as Americans tend to?

I can't find a _single_ stand-alone cable modem on amazon.de that isn't also a wireless router. And most of them are Fritzboxes.

I don't have any experience with GL.iNet. But this little sucker looks neat. Runs OpenWrt. Anyone have experience with this brand?


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