A comparison between instant messaging apps, regarding its network, encryption, custody and source code.

Although not so detailed, this is my favorite comparison for instant messaging so far.


cc: @itsfoss

@pcastela @itsfoss Jami does use servers, some of which are optional. A Turn server is usually necessary if at least one party is behind NAT.

Would be nice if the graphic included Session also.

@fedops @itsfoss @session @niboe nice, from your recommendations, Jami tox or session, is there only one app for each of them?

@pcastela @itsfoss @session @niboe for Session yes, so far only one I can see.

For Jami one official per platform, and a number of alternatives:

For Tox there's a good selection: in addition to what's available in the app stores.

@fedops @itsfoss @session @niboe which ones have more similar functionalities to the mainstream ones (wa, telegram) like group chat, video call, etc?

@pcastela Tox and Jami. Session currently does not support voice/video calling and groups though I think it's on the roadmap.
@itsfoss @session @niboe

@pcastela @itsfoss I also like it very much and was happy to influence the list by writing to the authors: @niboe

They have shared a SVG that people were also able to edit but the link seems to be broken,

@pcastela @itsfoss

I just hate to see Jami in the mix. It clearly doesn’t work. I have tried it twice in two different years on two different OS on on three different phones and it kept being a useless nonsense piece of ... that never ever worked even once. I cannot even log in or change my password. Just a poorly designed software. Total disappointment to GNU.

I would have looooved it to work and to ask my friends and family to migrate to a GNU software, but 🤦🏻‍♂️

@flamingkeys @itsfoss @moheb2000 apparently only the client side is open source, also it's centralized so take that server out and the app is useless. A federated solution solves this problem and you are not locked with an app or server :xmpp:

That is some detail - to be appreciated!
I'd share this and qoute its designer if it was allowed.

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