what's your FOSS recommendation for or alternative?
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I understand Gitlab as as Github clone (at least when it began). I've heard about and looked at Codeberg briefly a couple of times and it looks interesting, but I never really got: What is setting Codeberg apart?

@floppy @pcastela @codeberg Codeberg is a non-profit, registered in Germany. They already have the funds to keep the project going for the next 50(?) years (source missing) and are very transparent:

On the technology side they are building on gitea, a very nice open source git server/webfrontend.

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Thank you for the explanation!

So the biggest difference is the ethics, supporting good maintainers, I assume.

@floppy @pcastela @codeberg Ethics and the knowledge that your code is not at the mercy of a money focused corporation.

Also dat slick logo :codeberg:

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Good points! Also, +1 for dat logo indeed.

Later this year I will (finally) continue on realising quite a few plans on self-hosting. At the same time I have never been very much on Gitlab/Github/etc.

I'm wondering whether I should host my own repositories or whether I should stick to one of the public platforms. (Also in terms of self-promotion, which some people like employers seem to expect.)

@verbumfeit @floppy @pcastela @codeberg It just clicked. Duh.

Code Mountain! The logo, the name 🤯

@floppy @verbumfeit @pcastela we are, just like wikipedia, operating not-for-profit. Our mission is to ensure freedom, build a free and safe home for Free and Open Source projects.

@pcastela @itsfoss I have heard about self hosted Gitea being a good one.

Honestly if you own a server you can setup a bare git server on it with ease and use any tools.

Gitlab is okay, Bitbucket is kind of full of Atlassian bloat, might be a positive if you use Jira and other Atlassian stack...

@pcastela @itsfoss gitlab, just because it's what we use at work, and it's stable 😋

@pcastela @itsfoss If you just want to store source code plus some basic features,, seems like a good choice.

If you want CI/CD, Pages and complex features, you should look into GitLab (or any feature-enabled instance of it).

Also, you might want to look into this list:

@pcastela Codeberg and Sourcehut as alternatives (or really, upgrades) to GitHub. Some repo copies in Keybase as well. Only using Gitlab for git-lfs repos.

Not using any alternatives to Git; Git is just Git everywhere. Mercurial is still a thing of note, and Fossil is intriguing... but they’re not part of my world at the moment.

For going full-on Git, I’m using git-bug for task management. Super simple, offline-first, avoids server-side feature lock-in for my private repos.

@pcastela @itsfoss
Some ways: Gitea, Gitlab CE…
Instance list:

@pcastela @itsfoss wow i am in the minority is it because people dont really like github or is it because i misread the question as it is asking for a github alternative?

@flamingkeys @itsfoss I think because Microsoft owns it, so mostly reasons. Big winner is :codeberg: @codeberg

@flamingkeys @itsfoss @codeberg

I host my floss #android apps at #codeberg and can recommended it.

Does the job, works perfectly, issue tracker, wiki, own homepage etc.

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