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Bookmarked: Trump's new social media platform found using Mastodon code: Our statement "On Oct 26, we sent a formal letter to Truth Social’s chief legal officer, requesting the source code to be made publicly available in compliance with the license. According to AGPLv3, after being notified by the copyright holder, Truth Social has 30 days to comply or the license may be permanently revoked."

This is a good read. "...there is nothing in Fielding’s dissertation about which HTTP verb should map to which CRUD action..."

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The Facebook metaverse stream was the most delusional thing I've ever seen from any company or any person in my entire life

Somebody on Quora asked how to write a program that takes numbers from the user and returns them sorted in descending order.

I was like, ok kid, here's the answer to your homework problem. Good luck explaining it to your teacher.

print("Sorted descending:\n{}".format("\n".join(sorted(input("Enter numbers separated by spaces: ").split(), reverse=True, key=int)))) 

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Submissions to guix-patches keep increasing, but the rate at which they’re closed doesn’t quite keep up: (see “All bugs ever opened”)

How do #FreeSoftware projects encourage committers to review? Any insight to share?

#Guix thread:

(HT to zimoun)

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On the heels of their AGPL violation ( the Trump organization seems to be a bit more cautious. Two license references (MIT) visible in the source of the "waiting list" page:

When I worked in publishing we called this an "evergreen" story. Something you can drop in at any time, if you run out of other pieces to publish.

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#askfedi i am looking for good resources on interviewing, hiring, and retaining diverse (for lack of a better word) employees! i work at a tech company which is, as expected, disproportionately white and male, and i would like to change that. what sorts of things work? what doesn't?

thanks in advance :) boosts much appreciated

In which I do complain about VS Code on the Mac violating the Human Interface Guidelines by overriding Cmd-H.

A nice little touch in the file explorer that I wish was more widely used: if directory A only contains directory B, you get "A / B" on one line with one expansion button.

"Our project is currently on hiatus, and is not being actively developed." Too bad, I liked what they were doing.

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Speaking of understanding how Python is doing, if you want your say in the future of our language, click through the official survey at your earliest convenience 😎

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Hey folks, any recommendations on resources or training for #ActuallyAutistic managers of both NT and ND people? My workplace's training all assumes that managers are (or can pass without cost as) NT, and I've definitely reached the point in my career where I need training more specific to the way my brain works (I have a colleague in the same position too).

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As promised I wrote an article about my motivation for creating Haku, my Japanese-language programming language.


Welp, I did it, I switched from to .

Both good extensible editors.

One independent and closed-source, one corporate and open-source. Mixed feelings there.

But my user experience has been pleasant. And if I get bent about MS telemetry I'll visit

Weird software fact: the miles per gallon indicator in my 2008 Subaru Impreza only a displays values that are multiples of 0.3.

If you're not old like me, you may not remember this classic tool (circa 2003) that had an option for static site generation: Blosxom, by Rael Dornfest.

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