This page that came up high in the search results when I was searching for some info on Emacs mail clients, gets points for audacity.

Dark SEO brings me to the page, which then echoes back my search string and generates a bunch of non-sequitur Amazon affiliate links.

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Update: I've recently spent a good amount of time using KDE Plasma. It's really good. I'm especially pleased to see that the too-busy vibe of the early iterations of the KDE desktop has been supplanted by something more measured, thoughtful, and visually pleasant.

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@webdev_discussions People like to complain about JavaScript, and for some good reasons. But when people talk as if it's a worst case outcome, I remind them: we could have ended up with Microsoft VisualBasic.WEB or some similarly named boondoggle.

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Very cool, creepy project that uses AI to scan CCTV footage to match with Instagram influencers' pics & track them

Easy availability of AI tools like this means we need to reevaluate the risks posed by CCTV, as the scope for stalking & tracking has exploded


I like it when the chat server at work has a dedicated channel for sharing music, but I'm never satisfied posting links to just a single service (Spotify, YouTube, whatever).

This project runs song link and album link services that cover all the the major platforms but are still nice and lean.

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@dreiwert @emma @atomicpoet I think that the fundamental problem is that we federate nouns, but not verbs. That is, we distribute content-tokens between instances, but support, management and maintenance actions are fundamentally constrained to within instances: participation is distributed, but maintenance is isolated. There is no model of mutual support between fediverse admins, which means centralization is nearly inevitable, because participation scales but maintenance doesn't.

@dentangle I never looked at "Trending" either and won't miss it. Too broad.

Re the "Explore" section, the Changelog podcast (which I like) used to regularly suggest people go there (which I never did).

@cyberfarmer You also get delivery windows like that if you hunt for the absolutely cheapest Chinese products. My $1 MacBook power adapter should be here in a couple months.

@Graycot I don't think it's a deliberate choice. I think it's a side effect of the open source movement being almost entirely about engineering. UI/UX and visual design get shortchanged because they're not understood, and regarded as mere decoration.

@a2_4am Applesoft Attacker must have still been working on their splash screen and BBS setup

I hear that on the electric F150 you have to turn on the rear camera separately (via touchscreen) from putting the truck in reverse.


@valorin Wow! I'm subscribing to the issue just out of curiosity.

Much more lively than my two year old URL decoding bug report on Mastodon:

Email communication - today I got an automated notification with the usual "Do not reply to this email" warning... and then this at the bottom: "Please do not delete this section. Email_ID:#22029725..."

@waltercool That is a horribly confusingly written headline. So Canada is now in last place in the rankings of countries with the highest cell phone bills?

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I want to host a single person fediverse instance. What's the best software to use? These are my requisites:

* Compatible with Mastodon's API (I want to use native clients)
* Lightweight, the lesser features the better
* Usable without web frontend
* Software is mature enough

I've scrolled through all the options in and the closest I could find is GoToSocial but it seems to include tons of features I'll never use.

Do you have any other recommendation? Boosts welcome.

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Oh, hey, let's try this: ask me anything about

Yet another cloudflare post 

@thehedgeh0g FWIW I've been happy with Very low prices, good features and performance.

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