I've been using Git professionally for 10 years and for even longer. I prefer Mercurial's UI/UX. However, it is utterly marginal in today's Git/GitHub dominated world. What large projects and/or shops still use Mercurial, and what reasons do they give for doing so?

Been thinking about switching to VS Code from Sublime Text to be more in sync with my team's tooling preferences. We use Git of course, but for personal stuff I use , and when I saw multiple Mercurial plugins for VS Code I got all excited. Then I tried a couple and was quickly transported to "why isn't this working" land... and back to ST for the moment.

Users of both and : do you have an ST package for hg that you like? The top two hits on Package Control both seem abandoned (q.v. dead links to Bitbucket). packagecontrol.io/search/mercu


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