This page that came up high in the search results when I was searching for some info on Emacs mail clients, gets points for audacity.

Dark SEO brings me to the page, which then echoes back my search string and generates a bunch of non-sequitur Amazon affiliate links.

Grampa, tell us about the MODEM again! Make the noise!

Here's a funny screenshot, for you old-timers who remember Netscape and Yahoo...

and both have buttons on their issue detail pages that let you upvote, downvote, or emote.

I've worked on a lot of projects alongside many different people and I've never seen these used (other than me making the occasional joke upvote).

Yet they're visible in the interface by _default_.

Kitchen-sink UI design?

Or... are these a relevant part of the Social Coding™ process for lots of people I just don't happen to have worked with?

This is my favorite cover of the various translations of my old book.

Rather than "OK", I think the button in dialogs like this should say "Oh well".

historical tidbit, an ad from a 1978 BYTE Magazine:

Today when driving back to my office after a morning working elsewhere I realized I was going to be late for my first standup with my team.

Luckily I remembered that I HAVE A POCKET COMPUTER YOU CAN JOIN MEETINGS WITH. So I pulled over at a shady spot, and watched the horses while talking about things like OCR of invoices, cross-border payments, and development environments.

- I had to use my browser's developer tools to change this form field's maxlength from 5 to 6, because somebody had wired it to an event listener that automatically inserted a thousands-separator comma.

Sunday achievement: My 10-year-old and I made a mechanical computer program that produces a repeating pattern.

New favorite addition to my (physical) keychain: A combo USB C/A drive with my SSH and GPG keys on it (and my GPG-encrypted vault for good measure).

Looking at the new MacBooks, I think my favorite feature is that they ship the new proprietary power connector as a cord that plugs into a USB C power brick, not a hardwired thing that ends up in your junk drawer with electrical tape hodling it together.

I'm not a huge Stallman fan but I do think it's cool that he plays in Slayer.

Been doing a lot of React work lately. I recommend picking up one of these on eBay.

Protip: If someone claiming to be an exec at your company texts you this... alert, run away!

When I worked in publishing we called this an "evergreen" story. Something you can drop in at any time, if you run out of other pieces to publish.

Woot! I'm not at work, but I just checked on the feature that was supposed to launch today and it's live. Better E911 for our VoIP users. A lot of back-end work and a good bit of learning too.

I got a promotional email from Peloton and I think they encoded a whole workout video in this URL:

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