I think the fragment on the end of this NWS URL (if you reload after a few seconds you get a different one) may be a tweak to slow down auto-reloaders. Agree? Know otherwise? forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.

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I mistyped Gmail.com on my work laptop and found Gail.com today- why has nobody told me about this before? It’s amazing

Not many Mondays end with me thinking it's Friday, either, so perhaps I should double-check that work :)

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Anyone need a connectivity pack for an HP 100lx / 200lx? Got this in an estate sale auction, would like to give it away locally to an enthusiast. I'm a bit north of Seattle.


Boost if it'll help it find a happy home.

Made a commit that replaced a fragile and overcomplicated persistence hack with simple cache calls. Net removal of 27 lines of code, and it's faster and more robust. Not many Fridays end like that, I'll take it.

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Time is running out! #DjangoCon US 2021 #CFP will close on July 25th. Don't wait til the last minute to submit. papercall.io/djangocon-us-2021

This week I got a lot more hands-on experience with and Redux as I built a new feature for our app.

Having come up in the web biz before the rise of modern JavaScript, I am finally starting to see the appeal in a concrete way.

The feature I'm working on is a "delete" command to be used on items in a table. It took me a while to get it working, but when I did it was lovely: remove the item in question from the Redux store backing the table component, and the table updates itself.

If your form has a Zip Code field that allows people to type (or autofill!) a ZIP+4, don't raise a validation error when you don't get five digits.

UX win: the transfer of my MFA account entries from my old phone to my new phone, via a single QR code in Google Authenticator, was one of those lovely "hey, look how easy it can be" moments.

My trifecta for password management on my Android phone: OpenKeychain for GPG support (openkeychain.org/), Password Store app for the UI (f-droid.org/en/packages/dev.ms), and for storage a clone of the same password repo I use everywhere else (passwordstore.org/).

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My old job (visiting animation faculty at hampshire college) is open! The students, staff and faculty are amazing, they were happy to have me teaching #b3d there, and it is a great experience:


Wow, (on my system anyway) can do tab-completion of remote paths! I had no idea. The latency is a bit much, but discovering this was a nice payoff for accidentally hitting tab.

Little convenience I've been meaning to do for a while -- make a URL to preview my server-error page: `re_path(r"^503-preview$", TemplateView.as_view(template_name="503.html"), name="503")`

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We're looking for an experienced grant writer who can manage the small institutional giving team at EFF. Learn more: eff.org/opportunities/jobs/ass

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Good morning, lovely masto .artists! :bowie_stardust:

A gentle reminder that we have many blind and partially sighted users here on the Fediverse who really appreciate alt text on images to help them be able to enjoy the wonderful content we share. You can do this by clicking 'edit' on the image after you've attached it.

If you don't have the spoons when you post your images, you can always ask in your toot for people to reply with image descriptions - we are a community, after all! <3

Ironically, while AsciiDoc uses Pygments to render source blocks, AsciiDoc is not one of Pygments' supported languages. pygments.org/languages/

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In addition to Markdown and ReST, what markup formats would you like to be supported for previewing?

Why does this exist? Other than migration tooling in a Bazaar-to-Git transition, I don't see a use case. Anybody? breezy-vcs.org/

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