One week until the new! All content will be preserved, but if you have items you want to still "own" on the new system, see your user page for instructions:

The new version of will let you create an account via GitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub or, Google.

You can also create a standalone username and password. Or use it anonymously.

My most impactful Slack post at work today: "This make target calls a shell script, which spins up a Docker container, which runs a Python script, which increments an integer and emits the result, which is used in a Git tag. If it breaks you can actually do this yourself."

It's finally here, teasing is over:

I'm excited to launch today!

solution for easy encryption, signature verification and decentralized identity proofs!

I've been in favor of but I never had something to offer as an alternative. Now I do :)

Extraction of my Mercurial repos from BitBucket is complete. Thanks to SourceForge, Helix TeamHub, and sourcehut for providing places to land. A sad moment for this Mercurial diehard, but, oh well.

It's funny because it's true: "Artistic License 1.0 - We cannot say that this is a free software license because it is too vague; some passages are too clever for their own good..."

- just migrated myself over from, because this seemed like a more fitting spot. I'm a software engineer focused primarily on and .


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