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If you’re looking to expand your engineering team by a senior Python/Django person, you’re not going to do much better than James. Run, don’t walk.
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I am officially on the market. So if you’re hiring for the kind of stuff I talk about here, please do get in touch:

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🐍Python news: CPython's main branch now compiles to webassembly! Thanks to @ethanhs and @ChristianHeimes

Meaning: You can natively download and run Python in the browser. It's about a 5MB package right now. There's plans to make it smaller.

Try it here:

Turned it up to eleven and got lucky.


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LiveCodes is a "feature-rich, easy to use coding playground" that uses for its sharing feature. It's a client-side app that can be hosted on any static file server. Library developers can also use it for documenting and showcasing their products.

Check it out!

Try this one. Hint: it contains only one of the twelve letters that are most common in English words.

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I think that -- a Wordle clone -- is a brilliant piece of work. Great UX.

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I still tend to use for most of my international meeting scheduling. It's okay but a bit clunky (everything takes a few clicks longer than it needs to, URLs are unwieldy, etc.).

Have folks found something more elegant, preferably with bookmarkable URLs (I'd also be happy with a free/open desktop app that generates text I can copy/paste into an email)? seems decent but paywalls even basic features like "more than 4 cities".

Looking at the new MacBooks, I think my favorite feature is that they ship the new proprietary power connector as a cord that plugs into a USB C power brick, not a hardwired thing that ends up in your junk drawer with electrical tape hodling it together.

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Today the site experienced a subsantial distributed spam onslaught (all promoting a "Mass advertising mailing service").

The perp had a very large collection of IPs at their disposal -- at least 3,500 .

The IPs have been blocked and the spam signature has been added to the site's spam detection system.

Carry on!

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I work with phone numbers all day and have been thinking about the anachronistic convention of parenthesizing the area code -- dating from a time when most phone calls were to seven-digit local numbers.

Geo protip: `GeoIP2(cache=8)` (aka MODE_MEMORY) speeds things up significantly.

Looking up 3,000 IPs went from 6+ seconds wall time to 2 seconds or less.

My longest-standing online account is on , a virtual place I've enjoyed for 27 years. Real names, great talk.

Once a year there's an open "State of the World" discussion there with invited guests. "A survey of confusion, political chaos, societal disruption, climate instability ... and the hopeful stuff."

Preview and links here:

I was wondering about an increase in downtime alerts from my monitoring service... Then looked at the report detail and figured out that it makes requests in rapid succession that trigger my new homebrew rate limiter!

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This is fucking wild. Norton "Antivirus" now sneakily installs cryptomining software on your computer, and then SKIMS A COMMISSION.


I've always liked doctests so I was sad when I realized my doctest hack in my Django project's test suite had silently stopped working.

Happily, I've fixed it. TLDR: I now use `doctest.run_docstring_examples` from a wrapper test in my unit test suite.

I wonder how Lenovo decided that a "toggle wifi" button on the keyboard was a good idea.

It's like having a button on your car's steering wheel that kills the engine.

Assuming there is some obscure use-case that actually demands this feature, make those people pay extra for it and spare the rest of us!

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Happy New Year! January 1st is Public Domain day in the United States. All film, books, poetry, photos, and scores originally published in 1926 are now in the Public Domain in the US. Additionally, and significantly, this year marks the first time that any Audio Recordings have entered the public domain. You, and all Americans, now own more than 400,000 of these historic recordings. What does it all mean? And which works are in the public domain now?

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