I salute for these words at the end of the latest monthly update: "...paying down our tech debt is a necessary pain before we can start the beta."

Would that every project I've worked on had that motto.

Compare and contrast with: "After we get the beta launched, we can clean up the internals."


Nicely done and thoughtfully offered open source web stats platform. I haven't had analytics on dpaste.com for quite a while, but am trying this one out now.


If you write Windows applications this is an interesting development: github.com/microsoft/windows-r

Hello. I need some #research #help.

In the 1980s (1990s?), there was at least one TV show (I believe in the UK) where part of the programme was dedicated to transmitting #games via audio to viewers, to be recorded (to cassette, I suppose) locally and then could be played at home on their computers.

If you know the name of the show I'm talking about, or any TV show that experimented with data transmission, please let me know!

Boosts appreciated.

Milestone: 750 registered users. Next stop, 1000!

here is the entirety of a javascript package alongside its dependency graph

Wow I love this: today is the launch of the e. e. cummings free poetry archive! A project that shows what we can do when works enter the public domain.


Behind the scenes notes: twitter.com/palewire/status/13

Delighted to say I'm consulting with Creative Commons on license stewardship issues. I'm sure I'll have specific asks in the near future but for now I'd love to be pointed to interesting conversations and scholarship…or to hear the questions and grievances you've been saving up.

A patent troll has used nearly 20-year-old patents to sue 13 companies. @Cloudflare is offering $100k in bounties to those who help find & publish prior art on these patents. blog.cloudflare.com/project-je

Overall I like , but I've had to make a rule for myself: if I've reported three questions during a single session (usually Poorly Written but sometimes Insincere and sometimes Harrassment), it's time to close the tab.

Them: “Oh you work at Apple. It must be awesome get to code in Swift all the time.”

Me: [self hatesToBreakItToYouBut:NO];

Now that I work at phone.com I get a free account with all the bells and whistles. Makes me wish I knew somebody with a fax machine so I could prank them, I mean test the fax functionality.

What's the state of play (heh) for ripping CDs on Linux with automatic title/artist info? The top contenders seem to be Asunder and RipperX, but with FreeDB now offline I can't find anything that does info lookup (Asunder doesn't have the "path" setting that seems needed in order to use gnudb.org). Is it down to freac.org/ ?

Recommended: bat, a cat replacement with syntax colorizing and other goodies. github.com/sharkdp/bat

Anyone have a good (open) corpus or generator of human names that covers a good amount of the different types of names people can have?

Preferably tagged with ethnicity or nationality. The names don’t have to be real, just representative.

@eumiro maybe?

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