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In honour of this weekend's dump, here's a chart of when Bitcoin is at its lowest and highest in the average week.

Who has done the most for FOSS?

The survival rate of hypertensive rats whose diet included butter, lard, perilla oil/lard, margarine, or partially hydrogenated soybean oil.

Demonstrates a benefit of animal fats and animal/seed blends over common forms of processed vegetable fats (though doesn't include coconut oil, etc.).

If anyone wants users data from the last 50000 toots on Fosstodon, it can be downloaded here:

Top posters on Fosstodon:
1st place - @sotolf with 50.04 statuses/day
2nd place - @pleiades with 31.4 statuses/day
3rd place - @0PT41N with 31.1 statuses/day

Among Fosstodon users:
Each year your account has been up is associated (not necessarily causally) with a 30.2% increase in followers.
Each 1% increase in the number of people you follow is associated with a .304% increase in followers.
Each 1% increase in the number of toots is associated with a .566% increase in followers.

Does anyone think FOSS advocates are as prone to consumerism as anyone? Instead of MacBooks it's Pinebooks, marked-up X220s, or "I use Arch btw". I definitely have a tendency of it sometimes.

Well, this is an unexpected advance:

It's basically a universal radio, picking up all frequencies at once, up through the more useful microwave bands (though this prototype doesn't quite get to the highest 5G band).

Even though it's based on quantum effects, it's likely going to be able to be miniaturized as it doesn't require extreme cold or anything exotic.

Whereas each ten-fold increase in followers is associated with a 2.225 increase in the odds of getting a boost.

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On Fosstodon, every ten-fold increase in followers is associated with a 1.451 increase in the odds of receiving a reply to a toot.

Want more replies? Post on the weekend, but not on Friday.
Fosstodon user data, Nov. 17, 17:58 - Feb. 2, 17:56

Here's a graph of the most popular apps used to post to Fosstodon (data from Nov. 17 - Feb. 4).

I started playing with the Mastodon API, to put together some statistics on Fosstodon. @kev Is our rate limit the default of 300 requests every 5 minutes?

Anyone still have some groovy looking floppies kicking around?

What's everyone's opinion of Urbit? The Feudal governance seems like a fun experiment. But the cost of 0.025 ETH for each of 2^32 planets seems pretty money grubbing.

These ETH fees are ridiculous. Will ETH 2.0 save the situation, or will something else (iota, cardano, polkadot, etc.) gain dominance?

Following the Dogecoin insanity, 4chan decided to to pump the most worthless token imaginable, just for the fun of it.

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