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Any vintage fans on here? I recently finished an arcade cabinet that I've been working on for a while and am pretty happy with it πŸ‘Ύ!

My second attempt at repairing negatives digitized using a crummy scanner by using band-pass filters, ICA, and signal averaging.

I wanted to test out filter in the beta for fun.

Source Image is a

It's great to discover what FOSS Image Editing can do that other tools don't.

You can also add noise to faces. The noise can end up telling you how we represent different personality types.

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In the above picture, Gosselin & Schyns (2003) repeatedly presented people with white noise, telling them some images contained the letter "S" (though none did). When they averaged the noise fields that were thought to contain "S", the letter appeared. Moreover, the font of this "S" corresponded the operating system each person tended to use.

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Reverse correlation is an easy way to look into a person's brain without any fancy equipment. If you ask people to decide between images obscured by noise, the noise tells you a lot about how human vision works.

Repair of an image digitized with a really crummy scanner.

A picture I took with a pinhole camera many years ago, though scratched and poorly exposed.

Been lurking here for a couple of weeks; might as well do a proper introduction now.

Got a physics PhD years back, but working in the electronics industry now.
I'm your run-of-the-mill linux and FOSS enthusiast (for over 20 years now). Switched over to linux permanently a couple of years ago.
For some reason I seem to be running mostly ARM hardware these days (several RPIs, pinebook pro, pinephone).

To anyone who has, against insurmountable odds, escaped Vim, I present this award.

My second child was born yesterday, a wonderful way to spend Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas everyone!

I finished writing my Ph.D. dissertation today, and will likely have some free time now. The by @kev seems like a good exercise in developing regular writing habits, so I started today. Hopefully I can develop enough worthwhile thoughts to write about.

What does everyone here prefer?

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