There's a great C programming tutorial by Dan Gookin on YouTube. However, the audio is out of sync, so I uploaded a properly synced version here.

In honour of this weekend's dump, here's a chart of when Bitcoin is at its lowest and highest in the average week.

1) I never said free software
2) Our server is called fosstodon, everyone understands the gist of what I'm saying without having to get into semantics.

Who has done the most for FOSS?

@0PT41N @sotolf @kev @pleiades Yeah, I enjoy the community a good deal. Largely devoid of drama and instead, kind, smart people.

@0PT41N @sotolf @pleiades Hey there! I used the library to request statuses and user data from the Fosstodon server. If you want, here's the commands I used and a link to the data.

@sotneStatue 12 in each group, so 60 in total, which is a fair number for animal studies.

The survival rate of hypertensive rats whose diet included butter, lard, perilla oil/lard, margarine, or partially hydrogenated soybean oil.

Demonstrates a benefit of animal fats and animal/seed blends over common forms of processed vegetable fats (though doesn't include coconut oil, etc.).

@yarmo Thank you! I just used the library. Using it to connect with the server is detailed here
If you want to make requests, here's the commands I used

@rudolf Yeah, I had no use for it at the moment and the files would be prohibitively large to host on my vps. But it's quite easy to pull yourself using the library with the Mastodon.timeline() funtion

If anyone wants users data from the last 50000 toots on Fosstodon, it can be downloaded here:

@urusan Does blowing on a Sega cartridge count as debugging?

@themactep @kev @sotolf @pleiades @0PT41N actually I'll have to check if it counts boosts, now I'm not so sure.

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