@pbanks I recommend avoiding that website. If you're the sort of person who picks up social cues implicitly, definitely stay away.

@wizzwizz4 4chan, Reddit, Twitter, even Mastodon can all contribute to group-think in one way or another. But after you filter that out, they all have useful sources of information.


@pbanks It's not really about group think. It's about their horrible attitudes to other people. I've seen the threads where they work on their rhetoric, trying to make it as persuasive as they can, and I've seen the impact their targetted campaigns have had on the society around me.

“Not all channers”, I know, but the further divorced I am from it, the less susceptible I am – if they assume I have a conceptual framework I don't have, it's harder for them to manipulate me.


@pbanks I'd recommend others do the same, because the fewer of us are directly exposed, the less impact they have on our culture.


@wizzwizz4 Pol fosters an unnecessarily angry outlook that I don't care for. But writing off the entire site would be a faulty generalisation, given the other boards.

I've received good advice on my recipe website from the cooking board, had nice discussions regarding computers, space, or investing on the tech, space, and business boards.

Every online community has aspects I don't like. But I won't deny them their corner of the internet. Or avoid things I like simply because they exist.

4chan, slurs 

@pbanks I like some stuff that comes out of /tg/ – but the people who've made /pol/ a horrible place aren't limited to /pol/.

When people run a propaganda campaign with the stated aim of “killing trannies”, I stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. I certainly won't let them launder their reputation through that of the nice people on the cooking board.

That acronym in your screenshot seems unused outside of 4chan.

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