I implemented search on my ad-free recipe site All that remains now is to clean up the code and styling, and add more content.

@pbanks you've got your first supporter ;) i belive my wife just sent something via paypal.

@themactep That's amazing! and quite unexpected. Tell her I say thank you. I'll definitely focus on increasing the number of recipes over the next few days.

@pbanks do you accept suggestions? she says "where is a print button?!". you'll need a separate style for printing. and maybe export to pdf. actually, if you ever need help, i could lend you a hand with codding. good job.

@themactep Yep, I've only been working on it the last couple days so I'm happy to hear any suggestions. So I'll definitely look into adding jspdf or the like.

@pbanks then another one. centered text alignment is hard to follow. do you guys all work from mobile phones? lol

@themactep Yeah, I've been fixing it during breaks from my main job, as it's still pretty janky.
Last couple days was to put together a rough shell, now I'll spend the next few improving it.

@themactep I've worked out some 4x6 pdf recipe cards for printing out each recipe. You or your wife have any thoughts?

@pbanks recipes can vary in length significantly. If you make a css for @print media that would format ingredients like on that sample, resize image so that it takes some corner space not whole width, and let the rest run freely below, that would be awesome.

@themactep Thank you, that's good advice, so I've stripped out most of the formatting for printing, and am making the index cards.

@pbanks I hope one day I'll be able to submit a pull request to include my award-winning Texas chili.

@pbanks I heard about this project on a video on odysee. Thanks for making it.

btw, is the search feature live? Just searched for "soup" but no results came. Browser devtool shows FlexSearch related errors.

@adnan360 Haha, I was just fixing that right now. So everything should be working.

@adnan360 I added a few more recipes and updated the search list, but missed a comma and couldn't figure out why everything stopped working. So I was tearing everything apart the last few minutes.

@adnan360 Thanks! And what odysee video are you referring to?

@adnan360 Yeah, the second I watched that video I bought the and .net domains. As it was unfortunate the original creator let free publicity go to waste.

@pbanks I thought you were the original dev who changed your mind!

But anyways, .org is a better option for the site anyway. Does Luke know about this?

@adnan360 No, it seems the original dev abandoned it. And I sent Luke an email, but there's been a number of people working on recipe sites now, some I've been talking to.

@pbanks No problem. Your project won't go to waste. Even if others make similar websites, the recipes wouldn't be same. And it would be awesome to have a list of those possible sites somewhere (possibly on Luke's website, since he started the idea).

@adnan360 Needless to say, I'll start using a testing environment from now on. I'm not used to my websites actually being used ever haha

@pbanks nice! I thought this was taken down recently. If so, glad it's back up!

@ryan The original creators took theirs down, so I started making a new one from scratch, since it was a great idea.

@pbanks neat! is this the same domain as before or a slightly different one?

@ryan No, their site was which only has an apology letter remaining. As soon as I saw the luke smith video on it, I bought the .org and .net domains. Since it's a shame they let all the free press go to waste.

It's only a few days old, but I'll add a submission form shortly, and move things to git so people can submit recipes that way too if they'd like.

@pbanks Something that would be really helpful is a field to adjust the quantities based on serving size.

@ryan That would be pretty convenient.
At the moment I'm adding more recipes, pdf versions printable to a 3x5 index card, and a submission form to make it easy for anyone to upload. I also need to fix the formatting for mobile devices.

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