Got a gallery started on my ad-free recipe site, though now I need to add a lot more content.

@metalune Currently there's no organized repository. Though once I get everything clean and finished I'll add it to sourcehut.

@pbanks oh ok, great, btw, I recommend putting the recipes in a separate repository, that way people can make alternative interfaces for it or even download the entire thing as an offline-usable application! :D

@metalune @pbanks This, absolutely. A Recipe REST API would be amazing.

We shall name it.. Restipe

@arran @pbanks REST API? maybe just .. plaintext files, or idk, create a custom format for writing recipes, maybe a superset of markdown or just plain markdown that you can then render in the webpage

@metalune @arran Yeah I'll be sure to make everything available once I'm happy with it. For now I'll keep it simple. I'll probably just use with a list of recipe titles for a search bar.

@pbanks @metalune Oh nice, I need something like this for my current side project. Cheers

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