Top posters on Fosstodon:
1st place - @sotolf with 50.04 statuses/day
2nd place - @pleiades with 31.4 statuses/day
3rd place - @0PT41N with 31.1 statuses/day

@themactep @kev @sotolf @pleiades @0PT41N Yes, the API counts boosts, toots, replies, I do not think it counts favourites, though I could be wrong.

@themactep @kev @sotolf @pleiades @0PT41N actually I'll have to check if it counts boosts, now I'm not so sure.

@kev @pbanks @pleiades @0PT41N living alone in these time when you don't have much else to do to keep up with at least some semblance of a social life.

@sotolf @kev @pbanks @pleiades Yup, In fact I am checking my mastodon account right after I come back from work. I spend around 1hr or so checking on it then after a few hours I come back to see if I have any replies to reply to 🤔

@0PT41N @sotolf @kev @pleiades Yeah, I enjoy the community a good deal. Largely devoid of drama and instead, kind, smart people.

@pbanks @sotolf @pleiades @0PT41N One that's a Lot. Two, that's not supposed to be a compliment. Its more of a caution type and not a complimentary place.

@pbanks @sotolf @pleiades I have to Idea what this is. I just saw this in my mentions. also I was gone for a bout 5days 😅

@pbanks @sotolf @pleiades Super confused and super cool that I am at 3rd 😁. also I am curious how did you get the info from the api just curios 🤔

@0PT41N @sotolf @pleiades Hey there! I used the library to request statuses and user data from the Fosstodon server. If you want, here's the commands I used and a link to the data.

@pbanks @sotolf @pleiades oh cool 😎, I thoght it was an option some where in the mastodon instance that allows you to check out how the server is going 🤔 😁

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