Does anyone think FOSS advocates are as prone to consumerism as anyone? Instead of MacBooks it's Pinebooks, marked-up X220s, or "I use Arch btw". I definitely have a tendency of it sometimes.

@pbanks Probably yes, just look at the Firefox crowd.

@pbanks I personally dont think we are prone to hyper consumerism or even consumerism, because that goes against the core foudation of FOSS. We are not buying anything except for hardware and services (VPS, VPN, email etc.) The first word in FOSS is 'Free' not for nothing.

@flamingkeys I do agree that freedom, privacy, etc., are the intention, especially among developers. Though sometimes it seems we can forget about these and focus on the minutiae of the tools we use to achieve these goals.

@pbanks Great article. It seems the main point for readers is to be not only a consumer of , but also a contributor whether that's coding, documentation, or bug reports etc. Also I agree with the point about how it drags on energy and resources when users fire off questions or messages for help without first trying to do basic problem solving themselves. I've been guilty of this in the past but am trying to do better...

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