Want more replies? Post on the weekend, but not on Friday.
Fosstodon user data, Nov. 17, 17:58 - Feb. 2, 17:56

@pbanks That's interesting. I find that since I work on a computer as my job, I'm more active on Fosstodon during the week, and only sporadically check in on things on the weekends. I guess my experience is different than that of others.

@mike People are more active during the week, making more posts. But they reply more to others on the weekend.

@mike That or, because people post less on the weekend, those that do get more of the available attention.

@mike Boosts are lower effort than replies, so toots get boosted the most on Tuesday, when people are maximally active.

@pbanks I'm definitely more likely to reply on weekdays in the afternoon.

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