If anyone has a a website, project, or creates content as a Brave Creator (i.e., accepts BAT tips), I've started putting together a webring at creators.brave.cafe/ that anyone is free to join.

Thank you to @kev @hugo @mike , fosstodon has been a great introduction to the Fediverse, before I learned enough to set up my own server.

@kev @hugo What's the monthly server usage for Mastodon? In terms of bandwidth and storage?

Since Jan. 2019 users of Brave have reliably (r-squared = 0.988) increased by 124.92% per year. If the rate of adoption continues they'll have 69 million users in a year, and 155 million in 2 years.

How many domain names do you own?

Mary Macarthur in the style of "Say It" by Cassandra Miller, 2019.

An A.I. generated portrait of J. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb.

An A.I. generated portrait of Abraham Lincoln in the style of Udnie by Francis Picabia.

The Ever Given drawing some beautiful artwork before blocking the Suez canal and crashing the market.

What's the best open-source license?
Beerware: Users buy the author a beer if they meet in public.
Chicken Dance: Users must perform the chicken dance.
Hot Potato: The most recent contributor gains full ownership.

I've started adding 4x6 index cards to each recipe on recipeasly.org/ so that they can be easily saved to pdf and printed out.

I started going through my '80s copy of the Harrowsmith Cookbook as content for my recipe site. Since it'd be nice to share more Canadian cooking.

I implemented search on my ad-free recipe site recipeasly.org/. All that remains now is to clean up the code and styling, and add more content.

Got a gallery started on my ad-free recipe site recipeasly.org/, though now I need to add a lot more content.

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