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Can we start raising funds for a cross-platform xmpp app?
Something like Fluffychat, but for xmpp?
An app that caters for the novice and making xmpp more accessible.

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:gunright: first you're gonna hit reply and post a link to that great song thats been stuck in your head lately

:gunleft: then you're gonna hit the repeat/boost/bonk button on this post and nobody gets hurt okay?!
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@p Nice. I've noticed a little bit of steady increase in usage (we have 64 users on Traboone now), too.
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Fedi is almost certainly blowing up.

FSE, usually does about 20-25 reqs/second most of the day, and around this time (3 a.m. PST) that's closer to 10r/s. It's currently staying north of 40r/s, where it's been most of the day.

People seem worried about Eternal September 2, but I've been in a good mood, I'm excited about this. People getting away from centralized social networks, this is wonderful.

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Hey there. I am looking for a short job or some kind of internship (would rather a paid one but meh). I'm finishing my Bachelor (French Licence) this year and I'd like to work a bit somewhere between june and august.
I dont really have a prefered subject nor a speciality since my bachelor is really general. I will continue next year in a Master in HPC but I wouldn't mind doing something else before that.
Ofc It would be full remote since I live in France.
I speak english good enough so that It wont get in the way (I got 8/9 on average at a recent IELTS test).

It really is a bottle in the sea but who knows, I want to be amazed by some Internet magic.

(Boosts appreciated :ablobcatheartsqueeze:​)

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We're thrilled to say that Fosstodon is now a proud member of the .

This is thanks to all the donations our members make, where any excess funding is donated to worthy projects.

If you want to contribute, see

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@derek is the model for how being cancelled from a #Mastodon instance aught to play out, and how one should respond.

Not only building a solution instead of whining and complaining, but being gracious to the admins banning you too.

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One positive thing about mainstream media going full censorship happy is I have seen more people on sites I visit talking about Minds; Mastodon; Matrix; Signal; etc. Regardless of what one thinks about the last week or so this is a good thing.

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hello i am bones and this is my ! i live in the US and work in .

you'll see lots of industry and culture, , , , , amateur roasting, and general chillposting from me!

Sam Pavot boosted got nuked off godaddy. I don’t know if you are even remotely gun guys but that is the worlds largest gun message board forums.

They have locally a back up server but another harsh blow to free speech. I don’t know that many people on here but I thought since you guys run free-speech websites you might find this interesting.


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Last Christmas, I gave you my... 

:8b_x: :8b_b: :8b_o: :8b_x:

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Can I jump on the #Fediboost? is offering an omnichannel mission critical CRM built for social influencers with multiple points of entry shoptimization. We also are a content-marketing cross-device mobile-ready CRM fully standard out of the box!

Just kidding. We are offering a federated instance for #Salesforce nerds. Come talk Apex, Workflows, Validation and Mission Critical Cases.

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I’d like to #Fediboost, the official social media website of the Free Software Movement of India.


FSMI Website:

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Welp, guess I'm on here now
Insta's TOS went too far

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Seems we’ve had a bit of an influx of new members. Welcome everyone! @mike and I are your friendly neighbourhood admins and @cooper is our community manager.

We also have a number of very hardworking and amazing mods knocking about, who all work to keep this place as great as it is.

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