Going to try instead of my normal . I wanted to give a spin. Its so weird not having the AUR.

@pavot I just changed from mint to manjaro a fee days ago.
What are your favorite AUR packages?

@pavot yeah, I've been on arch for 12 years by now and it's weird every time I try something new, had a trip down memory lane and ran Linux BBQ cream again, and it's a lot of fun playing around with different user interfaces :)


The lack of the AUR is my main bone of contention when trying a non Arch distro. In the case of Open Suse though I had a lot of issues getting Mate onto it for some reason which made it not worth it for me.

@PublicNuisance @pavot Sorry, a little off topic...
I'm in the process of moving to Artix and am wondering how trustworthy the AUR is?
One of the few apps I need that isn't in the main repo is Mullvad VPN but it is in the AUR. Should I trust it for this app?


My take on it has always been that I have never been given an example of why not to trust the AUR. It is packages maintained by users so the risk for them doing something malicious or stupid is there sure but is it not possible for those same issues to happen on an official distro repo ?

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