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New Zealand In Talks With Fast Food Restaurants To Offer Covid Vaccines To Customers #WhatDoYouThink?

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Hot take: Engineering students who cannot grasp the concept of "files and folders" and only understands their phone's storage structure


Fail them. Tell them to go take remedial computer class at the local elementary school.

Man, Kodi really is cool. The tools and community built around it are incredible.

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English: Software disenchantment

I would like to say I am mostly agree with this post:

Español: Desencantado con el software.

Me gustaría decir que estoy muy de acuerdo con esta entrada:

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I haven't run arch + KDE in over 5 years. What a smooth experience. My grandmother could use this its so easy once its installed and set up.

Update on my car driving: I acquired GPS, driving is much less intimidating now. 👍 turns out the hard part is just not knowing where to go.

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Holy smoke. Linux Mint actually has a website that looks like it was from this century now. Congratulations

I was only using opensuse because I got a new laptop and didn't feel like going through the install at the time. It's good to be back. :blobcatcool:

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Well just died on me, no clue why so far. Can't even get in to the system to troubleshoot. 😡

I've officially acquired my first vehicle today. Driving is terrifying.

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Made some updates to my blogroll if any of you are interested in the same kinda reading I am.

I decided to use blop for my blog. Looks to be very good software with no bloat. Thanks for all the recommendations from the fediverse. :ablobcatattention:

I'm really thinking about picking up a . Its a sweet looking device, and not too expensive either. Anybody here use one? I would mostly want it for reading messages and switching songs.

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Waiting for my new internet to get set up. Excited to finally have downloads speeds >5mbps for the first time in a year! 👍👌

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