I've just published "FLOSS and linguistic diversity"🏷️

Thoughts on linguistic diversity in FLOSS, arising from the Italian translation of the Django documentation.

CC Django Software Foundation



In this version just released I contributed with new features related to compressed and fixtures . 🗜️

I've explored into the topic and produced some sample in this article. 👇

🦄 🐍


I gave my talk at the Python Web Conference 2021 , which ended yesterday. 🐍️🕸️🗣️

I talked about with 🗺️

Thanks to all organizers for hosting me and helping me to successfully complete this task. 🚀️

It was a great and welcoming experience. 🙏️


🚀️ I'm happy to share that my talk proposal "Maps with Django" 🗺️ has been accepted for the Python Web Conf 2021 🐍️
Join me there 🤗️
Can't wait to tell you about

More info on my blog 👇️

The video of the talk "Maps with GeoDjango, PostGIS and Leaflet" 🗺️ I presented at 2019 🇪🇺 in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 has almost reached 15000 views. 🚀
I'm very happy and also surprised at the same time.
See you at the next conference. 🐍

During these holidays I completed a PR to add support for compression in using only the stdlib. 🚀

You will be able to create fixtures using only the dumpdata command. 🪄

I hope it will be useful to many. 🤞


🎁️ As an early Christmas present, 🎁️ Django Chat Podcast released episode 81 where I chatted with William Vincent
and Carlton Gibson 🎙️

We discussed using 🐘️ PostgreSQL-powered full text search 🔍️ within Django as using GeoDjango 🌍️ for mapping projects.


I've just published:
"Maps with Django (part 1): GeoDjango, SpatiaLite and Leaflet"
A quickstart guide to create a web 🗺️ with 🦄 using its module 🌍, the 🪶 database with its spatial extension 🌐 and 🍃

I published on my blog the most important Free Software and Open Source code that I shared with the community.

"Full-Text Search in Django with PostgreSQL" an article based on my talk given in some tech conferences.



Hi all, I’m Paolo Melchiorre, a 🐍 developer who contributes to the 🦄 project and gives talks at tech 🗣️ .

I’ve been a 🐧 user since 2000 and I use and promote 👨‍💻 .

I have a degree in Computer Science and currently I'm a 🏡 worker based in Italy.

I wrote on my personal blog about , , , and technical (, , , , , , , )



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