Thank you @maique for your kindness and congratulations for your talent!

Encouraged by @maique, I decided to start an iphonegraph project to promote my city. The Historical Centre of Guimarães is Cultural World Heritage since 2001 and in 2012 we’ve been European Capital of Culture, together with Maribor in Slovenia.

Domain of One’s Own focused online meetup♦
I would love to participate. As I am in the Lisbon Timezone, something between 2100 UTC+1 (1300 PDT) and 0000 UTC+1 (1600 PDT) would be nice.

Can we stop waiting to see how evolves before quitting ?

Zoom was supposed to deliver a transparency report about governments demanding user data. They didn't. These are the folks who now own your encryption keys.

Tails 4.8 is out:

It disables the Unsafe Browser by default, adds a beta feature of the Persistent Storage to save the settings from the Welcome Screen, and more.

First day on Mastodon after reading a great post by @kev!

Any tips on who to follow are very welcome! 🙏

Hey there!

Testing the waters of my own freshly created instance. Still spend most of my time at @maique for now.

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