I am going to miss my walks around Hodenhagen once I return to China. Fresh air and tranquil views.

🌟Finally some good news!🌟

Today I found out that I have been allocated a seat on a German Chamber Charter Flight to China on 22nd July. Let’s hope the next 12 days or so go smoothly and I can start my journey home. china.ahk.de/charterflight

Devastated 😭😭😭

I missed getting a seat on 15th July charter flight to China by about 2 hours! I even registered my visa within minutes of obtaining it.

I have no idea when I will see my family again now.

Yeah @mozilla , I will activate right after you fully open source it like you promised many years ago - blog.mozilla.org/blog/2017/02/2…

Waiting for news about a flight home is torture. I have hardly slept in the last week and each morning I wake up to no news, and when pushed for a response I get β€œmaybe tomorrow”.

170 days away from home and counting.😭

β€”> @maique is a very talented man. I will keep this draw as my wallpaper to remind me of his kindness and friendship. His account, full of open-minded visions and a careful behavior towards his tinyMovieStar is my suggestion for Micro Monday. micro.blog/discover/micromonda

I needed a Micro.blog themed wallpaper for the iPhone, so I decided to make a playful one with Procreate.

If anyone else wants it, feel free to get it.

Background shamelessly stolen from megadjsbr’s Tor Wallpaper. micro.maiquemadeira.com/upload

Photographers and their apps. Mansinho came over for the BBQ and had just installed Photoshop Camera. tinyMovieStar and proud dad πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

Encouraged by @maique, I decided to start an iphonegraph project to promote my city. The Historical Centre of GuimarΓ£es is Cultural World Heritage since 2001 and in 2012 we’ve been European Capital of Culture, together with Maribor in Slovenia.

🌟Visa Award Unlocked! 🌟

Now I need to keep🀞🏻 to get a seat on a special Charter flight back home to China.

Just to prolong the mental torture a bit longer I must return to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center this afternoon to collect my passport. Only then will I know if I am a step closer to going home. I have never known stress like this.

Just arrived in Hamburg, ready for next phase on my quest to go home! Destination Chinese Consulate in the morning!

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