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Keep an eye on everything using 's new user dashboard screen πŸ‘€

Whether you're a buyer or a seller on the decentralized , your life has just got a whole lot easier! πŸ™

Want to easily and quickly find what you're looking to buy?

Then cut off the Open Market's noise by heading over to the Market Browser and only join the seller storefronts or community markets that matter to you.

Do you like ? πŸ’°
Do you like ? πŸ‘₯
Do you buy or sell things online? πŸ›

Then you may want to have a go with 's decentralized and anonymous !

βœ… Now available on public testnet!

Particl's blog has completed its migration from Medium to Ghost and just got a whole lot better!

⭐ More autonomy
⭐ Customized experience
⭐ Easy to find translations
⭐ Complete control
⭐ No unnecessary noise or 3rd party branding

Check it out now!

Particl V3 Now Available on Testnet
After months of relentless development, Particl V3-testnet is now available for public access and testing!

There are now 2 proposals in Particl's Community Crowdfunding System (CCS)

βœ… MAD Escrow GIF proposal moved to Funding Phase
βœ… Marketplace Listing Seeding proposal now in Idea Phase

Check Particl's first CCS Proposals Update to get all the details!

A digital Currency, A Market Place, A Privacy Platform
Think Ahead

Sidewalk will create entire smart neighborhoods. Here's what you should know

This is an opt out system meaning it will be enabled by default. Not only does this pose a major security risk it also strips away privacy and uses up your bandwidth. Having a mesh network connecting to tons of IOT devices and allowing remote entry even when disconnected from WiFi is an absolutely terrible security practice and Amazon needs to be called out now!

DeCommerce is the Real DeFi

On this episode of the Part-Time Show, we discuss the problem with the current DeFi hype train in cryptocurrency and why this Doctor doesn't think it will be the catalyst for a sustainable bull run.

Instead we make the case for real world usage of cryptocurrency in retail spending for eCommerce as the next major driver for real growth in the industry and explain why!

Project Update [26–11–2020]. Core, Marketplace V3, Taproot, and… | by Crypto Guard | Nov, 2020 | Particl News

Using technology to improve the integrity and of across the globe? πŸ”—πŸ”

That's the topic being discussed today in the latest Part-Time Show episode! πŸ—³



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