@particl We need our right to repair. I love using e-paper, but I hate the current offering of surveillanced e-books. I don't feel safe with all the tracking of my reading going on, this information sold profitably. I think it's grotesque to build software that gathers data on which books people read and how they read, where they do it. Additionally, I'm worried about the microphone and I feel it is an injustice that I'm not allowed to inspect the software that controls it.

@mplammers this is one of the reasons I love my old Sony eBook Reader. It was cheap and it does not have wifi.

But the screen is not that great, unfortunately.

@particl but I do own the device they transmitted the data to.... and have access to file converters. :thonking:

@wholesomedonut @particl my first step after buying a book on amazon is to de-drm it and convert it to epub (both because I don't have a kindle, and because I want ot future-proof it).

@renatoram good man. 👍 I’m tired of companies that had no hand in the creation or design of a book acting like they have any ownership or control over that book once the consumer gets it in their hands. This goes for physical or digital media.

@particl Don't pay then for a book that is not a book. Call it reading right, temporary literature but not a book.
A book is something intimate you can read, smell, carry with you, give as a gift, put on a shelf.
Don't sell your humanity because of minor convenience of having the so called book on a peace of electronic that will soon become obsolete.
And please stop be surprised about permanence of virtual things. If anything is permanent it is their virtuality.

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