After #de-Googlising we now need to #de-Amazonising Come on #Particl and the likes, bring it on.

The March 2021 Project Update has just been published on Particl News. It contains all the latest information about what's been happening around the project for the past two months.

✅ Inflationary bug solutions
✅ Particl V3 update
✅ New treasury model proposal
✅ Atomic swap DEX protocol and its Particl Desktop integration
✅ New community CCS proposal
✅ 2020 CryptoMiso Github ranking

👉 particl.news/project-update-ma

localparticl.com is a global peer-to-peer exchange helping facilitate in-person trades for cash, removing the need for bank accounts or any 3rd party financial institution in order to start participating in the Particl economy. — particl.page/ecosystem/localpa

A project shouldn't be dependent on Google and their "ToyStore".

We're bringing @ParticlProject Copay and other apps to our own F-Droid repo:

$PART $BTC @bluewalletio

🚨 Emergency Hard Fork Announcement 🚨

The team has discovered a critical issue in the and CT implementations.

Please immediately update your Particl Core nodes to version and read the blog post below for more information.

👉 particl.news/emergency-hardfor

There's a new CCS proposal in the Idea phase to fund the development and creation of a documentation of the Market APIs 🚀

It will help anyone setup a market node and use it the same way demarkets.io did with the market explorer.


🗒 New Project Update Available 🗒

January's Project Update has just landed on Particl News! 🙌

Check it out to get all the latest news on Particl including:

⭐️ New Particl Core releases
⭐️ Particl V3
⭐️ Particl Academy
⭐️ CCS system & on-chain voting
⭐️ Content translation

👉 particl.news/21-january-projec

🚨 Particl Core and Now Available 🚨

Particl Core and (pre-release) are now available on mainnet and you can install them today 🎉

✅ 32bit builds are back.
✅ All 0.20 and 0.21 improvements included.
✅ Taproot readiness
✅ Minor bug and issue fixes.

Find out all of the details in the release blog post!

👉 particl.news/particl-core-0-19

The long view is a thriving decentralized marketplace, fueled by personal empowerment and collaboration, Mr. Berners-Lee said. “The end vision is very powerful” @particl

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Create and use an infinite number of identities/accounts to buy/sell stuff on the 👤

That keeps your level of privacy optimal and helps you keep things more organized! 💪

Try it now, it's at the top of 's main menu bar!


With , you can easily launch your own store or community in just a few seconds.

1- Find a name, description, and logo
2- Deploy and start making sales!

❎ No payment, subscription, fee, or documentation required!

Try it out now! 💪


There are a few steps in the process of completing a transaction on the .

And it's now as easy as ever to keep track of with 's new escrow progress bar!

Test it out now on testnet, there's a bunch of items to purchase! 🛍


now lets you use the Coin Control feature that lets you pick what outputs you want to use when making transactions.

👍 More control
👍 More

It even works with anon outputs ( transactions)!! 💪

⭐ Pro Tip ⭐

You can publish the same listing in multiple markets and storefronts ✅

Just go to the listing's template and click on its tile to expand it and display the various options available to you!

Try this new feature now using the testnet build 🚀

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