"BPF is the biggest operating change I've seen in my career", says @brendangregg@twitter.com of #netflix. Check out his keynote video from #UbuntuMasters where he talked for the first time about this change to the longstanding kernel model youtu.be/7pmXdG8-7WU via @YouTube@twitter.com

elementary OS 5.1 Hera is here with a brand new first-run experience, Flatpak support, accessibility and System Settings improvements, app updates, and the latest hardware support. Existing users of Juno, run your updates to get it. Read all about it: blog.elementary.io/introducing

We take a look at some recent #GNOME design team app mockups, including a handy font manager t.co/qCoD4IW6iE?amp=1

#Cryptocurrency and #blockchain is all about freedom and stuff, let’s travel to North Korea to discuss at a conference!”

US authorities: „Hold my beer and read this arrest warrant”


TrackingTheTrackers: A free analysis tool to check if a website is disguising third-party trackers as first-party trackers.


There are amazing designs for v1 splash screen here.

You have 6 days to vote for the best design.

You may see some of them here:

I enjoyed this panel about Linux apps and ecosystems with folks from GNOME, KDE, elementary, Snap, and Flatpak all on one stage. We’re better when we work together where we overlap, even if we have different visions and end products. #LAS2019 #LinuxAppSummit

I personally enjoyed this slide because they GET it. Yes, elementary OS is “a distro,” but more importantly we’re a platform. We don’t distro package—we build a platform and OS for developers and users. And we work with our friends to make all our platforms better w/shared tech.

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Well if there's any upside to the .org fiasco it's that more people are realizing how corrupt the DNS + SSL CA cartel is

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