Finally got this ingress lab working with kind (Kubernetes in Docker).

It is Saturday night and I am debugging why HTTP requests are not making it to the pod through the ingress controller. Pretty much like my every other night.

I spent yesterday learning about in and came across . Time to jump into this rabbit hole again.

I am having a hard time realizing the concepts of "labels" and "selectors" in . These concepts seems to abstract to me. What resources can help me in this situation?

I had a great week at work. I got to create application containers and deploy them on a cluster that will soon go into production.

After weeks of procrastination, I finally fixed system package errors on my OS. Now, the updates can run peacefully without bugging me with error prompts.

I was feeling bored and creative at the same time, so I created this diagram on . It summarises the flow of configuration updates in .

Working on improvements to the traffic monitoring charts of . Users will no longer need to pull out a calculator every time they want to know the throughput of an interface.

Refactoring code becomes so easy when tests are already present.

It is difficult for me to find the energy to open my laptop on the weekend.

How come it's already Friday? What happened to the other days? Where did my week go? What have I done?

Currently working on adding the ability to monitor WiFi Sessions from

Installed Slack for the first time on my phone, and it's not even for work.

I always get bamboozled by NULL comparison implementation.

Given enough time, everything becomes stupid.

I spend more time on the local feed than on my home feed.

Little words of appreciation, keeps the development going.

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