Alright, here's my book* thread for 2021 – starting early this time, so I hopefully won't abandon it due to ETOOMANYBOOKS like last year's. Be warned that January is traditionally filled with fanfics and re-reads.

All tagged with #rixxReads for your muting convenience.

* books, papers, fanfics, etc etc

@rixx very nice! Added some of it to my toread list, gracias!

Btw, your website (+code) is very nice as well, thanks for putting it online for others to copy and/or read.

@qwxlea Thank you, that's good to hear. If you like the site, you may find interesting …


@rixx Hey, feel like I must chime in to second this. Really nice site, thank you for setting it up. :ablobcatbongo:

@pallas Thanks! It's all open source, but pretty tailored to my workflows, fwiw!

@rixx that‘s even nicer! was wondering how to sync to good reads from site...gonna look into your code ;)

@pallas Syncing to goodreads is super deprecated sadly, since goodreads is sunsetting their API and have stopped to issue new API keys.

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