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Wife brought me a sandwich.
"Self - portrait?" - I joked.
I'm sleeping on the sofa tonight.

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"50 Years of #text
A 2021 Journey from Oregon Trail to A.I. Dungeon


Every week in 2021, I'll be posting an in-depth look at one text-based computer game from each year between 1971 and 2021, starting next week with The Oregon Trail. For each game, we’ll take a meaty deep dive into what it was like to play in the context of its original release (on a chattering #teletype, over a dial-up modem in a prototype web #browser, on a brand-new iPad) and how its ideas influenced players and the next generation of makers. When warranted, we’ll dig into old #archives or source code to tease out how each game worked, why it was built the way it was, and what it did that was new, interesting, or successful."

#if #interactivefiction #textbased

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A friend who appeared outside the door last night.
Me and Kråkan actually met her and her brother when they were kittens.
Now they are big.

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Enormous Cantonese rap playlist 

Ohh the SCMP is talking about this new generation of #CantoPop musicians! (Serrini is in #GTB)

“For Generation Z, musicians such as Keung represent a new breed –­ eminently relatable and worlds apart from their predecessors and even contemporaries who are viewed as pre-packaged, and in the case of some, overly beholden to mainland China.” 🤔

(I’m working on a pronunciation/dictionary adder for #Cantonese lyrics

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Help me do more indigenous education and make anti-capitalist anti-imperialist games at the Silver Spook hui (cooperative/commune) where we're trying to house and feed as is our kuleana (responsibility): (direct support)
Neofeud - a cyberpunk game I created about my experiences as a ghettoized Hawaiian under US racialized capitalism / colonialism

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@peregrine Have you ever read the Lisp Curse? Forth is equally subject to this same curse I think.

"Lisp is so powerful that problems which are technical issues in other programming languages are social issues in Lisp."

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google images sucks

for image search, use these search engines:

- pretty pics:
- semantic search:
- vibe search:
- art art search:,
- anything else: ask a friend/forum

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Lot of fun tonight! #ham short wave listening after I moved to a elevated and isolated place for a better signal reception.

The #trike (3 wheels #recumbent bike) is awesome for this because I was able to use my laptop while sitting comfortably in my seat, water at hand.

I did meet NOBODY while staying at this place for 2 hours :D

I have been able to record radios in the 15, 12 and 10 meters bands and also in the 70cm band using a #sdr on #linux Skywave distro (work out of the box)

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*Stops toddler from taking trash out of can, because he recently discovered he can*
Thought crosses my mind.

Leftist critical thought at its best:
Why do we make so much waste as a society?
What if we composted more and wasted less?
A zero waste society would be a wonderful goal.

Leftist critical thought at its worst:
Why do we put so much trash in the can?
What if we take the trash out of the can?
A society with zero trash in the can would be a wonderful goal.

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my pronouns are vi/vim btw

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This is a reminder to backup your data in at least 3 places, at least one of which should be offsite.

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