Hello everybody.

First time here, so this is my . I am new to going away from social media (still clinging to facebook by my fingernails) and digital privacy. I program only as a hobby picking it up recently, but am passionate about it all. IRL I work as a Paleobiologist, which is not at all like Jurassic Park promised my career to be.

I would love any recommendations for having a secure, private and Google-free life.

I look forward to learning a lot here.

@Citizenzibb Who would have guessed, this is much nicer than Twitter is. Thank you for the welcome.

@paleobiologist We have an excellent community here. I am glad you are now a part of it.

@Citizenzibb Looking at every post and this community makes me feel very out of my depth though. Hopefully I will learn a lot as I am here!

@paleobiologist Don't feel overwhelmed! You will be up to speed in no time. Don't hesitate to ask anything and share your experience as you go.

@paleobiologist hey and welcome. Its OK about your day job, I'm sure many of us prefer not to be mauled by raptors lol. If your curious about some of the tech history there are a couple of documentaries about Unix on YouTube that are good.

@jordan31 I'd like these recommendations? Or will a search show me all the results? Proud to say I use NewPipe now, either way

- no raptor bites, but if you thought the Velociraptor looked fierce (it's not in reality, much smaller than the movies) look at the Utahraptor: biggest of all Dromaeosauridae

@paleobiologist I haven't heard of newpipe I'll have to check that out. Also thanks, I just learned something new.

@paleobiologist Welcome! Nextcloud has been a great cloud solution for me, replaced Google Drive, Calendar, Keep, and also Trello.

@dried I moved from Gmail to Protonmail, and have been enjoying their products like their calendar. But I will look at Nextcloud now. Thanks for the tip.

@paleobiologist Welcome aboard! Glad to have you. You're among like-minded folks when it comes to Google-free and privacy conscious alternatives. 😀

@paleobiologist Welcome!

A couple resources for digital privacy:
Firefox addons:
Privacy Tools:
I would also highly recommend Nextcloud like @dried

Feel free to ask any questions

@blueberry @dried These are great, thankyou so much for the time to list these out. Privacytools seems to be a very good resource!

@paleobiologist Hi and welcome to the jungle, nice ro meet you I'm a enthusiast of free software and I want a digital life without a big brother watching all time at us too

@navitux Exactly what I am trying to shift my work and life towards. Sometimes it is hard though, I need to enjoy it when something breaks in Linux and I need to search and search to find the answer. I

What I do really love is the volume of free and open source programs which are sometimes even more impressive than their closed and expensive counterparts.

Looking forward to this no Big Brother life we both seek.

@paleobiologist welcome to the . Enjoy its diversity 🚀👍. I am working on a fully distributed network called to enable everyone to be its own independent bank within the truly privacy respecting network . All , all AGPLv3 licensed 😁. @social

@paleobiologist Hey there fellow programmer, welcome to the cult. :P

As for a Google-free life, step one would probably be using duckduckgo as search engine.

They are hosted on amazon hardware tho. If you want to be independent from that, too, you might want to look into searx.

Feel free to shoot me random privacy or tech questions. :)

@paleobiologist welcome! I'm relatively new on the fediverse timeline too, but I've learned so much since joining here. I've never asked an honest question and been disappointed.

Hope you get the same experience :)

@tychi I think I have a lot to learn here. But happy to say I love the challenge. Thankyou very much.

Welcome to this social network where you'll find lots of kind people and geeks of privacy.

I honestly say that here I learned a lot regarding privacy, other OS, and other topics.

Hope you find mastodon a nice place to stay and share your thoughts.

PS: I'm a fan of the great extinction by the great oxidation 😄

@fatboy leaving, or trying to, socials has been hard. I hope this makes up for it.

Very welcoming and nice here, and everyone is so very smart! I hope to learn a lot!

@paleobiologist Welcome to Fosstodon - I really hope you find what you're looking for here - it's a good bunch of people.

@kev I feel very welcome already, a very community feeling place


Welcome. is a good starting reference .

@mcread I have had a couple say that is a good site. I have been looking myself at it, such a repository of information and what to choose and use.

I appreciate this!


This is amazing of you, such detailed notes! Thank you so very much, I will look at each and every one closer.

@paleobiologist You’re more than welcome :) Would love to hear your thoughts after you’ve had a chance to do so. (And if you notice any issues or anything that could be made clearer, please don’t hesitate to let me know) :)

@paleobiologist welcome to the fediverse 🙂

leaving facebook is already a pretty good start. if you didn't do so already, you could continue with replacing your search engine & mail provider using alternatives from the website @aral posted

@paleobiologist Well, welcome! Im glad that you decided to make the change about going G-free. You can start by visiting the website. There you will find awesome Open Source alternatives for everything. Cheers! ;)

@paleobiologist Welcome :) Don't hesitate to tell use more about your hobby some time, it sounds very interesting ^^
I hope you'll enjoy it here.

@paleobiologist It means that you are not looking for traces of lilac berries in "big pile of shit" ? :troll: More seriously, welcome here ! 🖖

@paleobiologist Welcome!
Steps to free, private and Google free life:
1. Realize you don't need any mainstream platforms you are using (you will not miss out anything)
2. Backup data you have on those platforms
3. Close accounts
4. Open new accounts on platforms that respect your privacy or selfhost

All this is doable with basic knowledge.

Good luck!


Thank you!
I have taken all of these links and suggestions everybody has commented here and am going through methodic.

I am doing it all, slowly and carefully!

Welcome to the #Fediverse! Social media as it was intended to be: decentralized and fun!

@paleobiologist Welcome aboard. You''l find many friendly folks here in the fediverse. @aral has given you good things to look at to #Degoogle and #DeFacebook and re-take control of your digital life. It's not easy. I still have a facebook account but don't really use it. My google account however i don't know i'll ever be able to let got of fully. Not for a while anyways.

If i can recommend a Cloud Storage place you might want to check out @operationtulip It's a hosted Nextcloud instance.

@paleobiologist Hi! Isn't it cool that "fossodon" sounds like "fossildon"!?

@paleobiologist Welcome to the Fediverse! So what do you do as a paleontologist if you're not making/running from dinosaurs?


My focus now is on taphonomy and vertebrate paleontology of a mass death assemblage in the Upper Chinle Group in northern New Mexico.

But my dissertation was magnetostratigraphy of the Upper Triassic Chinle Group of New Mexico, and stratigraphic revisions of the Chinle Group and a preliminary magnetostratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation in east-central Utah.

I run from Dinosaurs often, birds can be quite mean, always running!

@paleobiologist welcome to fosstodon.
Some easy Google alternatives I recommend are

gdrive- nextcloud
Gmail- tutanota, protonmail
Chrome- firefox, tor
Google- serx, duckduckgo
Docs,sheets - libre office suite
Playstore- fdroid

Not so recommended if not a pro user.
- Lineage rom without gapps or graphene rom(its odd but this awesome alternative for google's version of android only works on pixel devices)

Hope it helps you, feel free and share your thoughts on my recommendation.

@paleobiologist switch to protonmail and firefox. This is how I am shifting from gmail and chrome.

@suraj I just did this, Firefox is nice. I like the addon idea.

@paleobiologist a first good step is follow @purism and they make excellent librem laptops and a great #librem5 smartphone that runs all Free Software with a operating system endorsed by the FSF. That is a good start.

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