Okay, this is actually from 2000 a power PC model. My first laptop back when I was young. I upgraded RAM to 576, as high as it could go today, replaced HDD with SSD (not easy activity), insert airport express, and have order a battery replacement.

OSX running.

Finding fun programs on Macintosh Garden but this will be maybe use as a diary. Just for typing and remembering the past.

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Sometimes all the work, projects, backlog, reports, emails, music, coffee, okonomiyaki, video games, movies and shows can't distract you from a lonely day.

For anyone who want to hide comprimising photos of old college days when everybody realize you can only drink one drink before you get drunk and silly and you do this often with bad photo evidence, or old secret couple photos from old relationships.

is perfect for this. Now no one can find my photos by mistake, instead photos sits on audio CD burned inside!

But only on Windows or via virtual machine.

Just me falling for Portia Doubleday or Angela Moss in .

I am as clueless as she is about but one day wish to look as cute as she in office clothing.

A Profanity Filter Banned the Word 'Bone' at a Paleontology Conference


"“Words like ‘bone,’ ‘pubic,’ and ‘stream’ are frankly ridiculous to ban in a field where we regularly find pubic bones in streams,” one participant said of the filter, which organizers had to thwart."

This is where filtering goes badly I think.

Five Eyes governments, India, and Japan make new call for encryption backdoors


"However, pressure has been mounting in recent years as western governments seek to reach intelligence-gathering parity with China."

"In December 2018, Australia was the first major democratic country to introduce an encryption-busting poll"


So, so depressing.

Has any one got a suggestion for a nice computer case for this Pie?
One looking very professional would be nice, but so many, where to start!

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I have many computers. Apple's MacBook Air. Huawei's Matebook X. An old Dell laptop. A Surface professional. My desktop computer.

But what I am using most to do my work is my I buy on whims. Still do not know what to do with it, so I have it connect to my TV.

I find it easy to use. The operating system is so cute. It is so small. V quick. Word process easy to do. And my work is word proces heavy.

V quickly becoming my most favorited computer now.

Photos like this make me want to buy the new Microsoft Duo phone.
has anyone tried the ?

Well my big announcement time.
Next year I will be having no more field work or chasing funding from government grants, nonprofit grants, and private donations.

2021 I will be full time faculty member teaching Paleontology.

Finally settled and in one place. Makes me happy to think of!

Now my family can not tell me off for flying off to dig up bones, and focus on telling me me to get boyfriend and get married instead.


2.5 mile run complete.
You help drive me, but now I will fall over and faint in tiredness.

When I can get up, the ab wheel (I look this up and the name seems to just be short: ab wheel) will be my next step.

Give me well wishes against it!
What music did you play with your running?
And keep running, too.

Another online course completed. My spare time I enjoy learning new things. I am looking at courses, does anyone know any good ones they recommend? Not for any career purpose, just because I am interested in the topic (and love Mr Robot).

Or if not a course, some book or resource to learn from? Cost not an issue, quality is however.

Thankyou to anyone helpful.


Loving Ready Player One. So glad you showed this book to me.
V hard to focus on work and not reading now, but this is a good problem to have.

Success. Moved WAD file to root directory and now Chocolate opens it by default. My first time playing this game, Doom 2 and it is funny!

I like old games more than new. Easier and simple for me to play.

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Can anybody help me install or for on ?
It must be very easy, but I have had such trouble. I tried Chocolate Doom but what ends up playing has no enemies. Like one closed big room.

I have WAD files but do not know where to put them. Or what to do at all. I watch YouTube videos and read sites but maybe I am stupid, it all reads complicated to me.

PrBoom+ only plays a video demonstration. GZdoom is confusing also.

Any help, ? ? Please?

Upgrades to the existing toys.

Now I need to find a good book to be my first on this kindle. And find a fun project for this Pi.

has anyone got any ideas of what games to play?
I am not too much a gamer, but have been having a lot of fun looking and trying.

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