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How many computer time are you spending on maintaining the system, repairing it etc. (M) and how many on actual work, pleasure etc. (W)?
Maintenance can be pleasurable but I am referring to pleasure as other pleasures.

Guys, what is the best/easiest way to transfer files between android and windows?

Nice MX Linux bug or something... when iPhone is connected just for charging, computer goes to sleep and wakes up from sleep unlocked. After suspending it manually and waking up it also awakes unlocked and then goes to this screen.

Anyone knows why NewPipe is gurumeditating for the last couple of days?

Screen goes black after lowering resolution MX Linux KDE. Any ideas?
Needs couple of reboots and to get back to normal...

What is in your opinion most beautiful stock Linux wallpaper? :)

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I've been reading reviews on The guy nailed some user related issues quite well:

1. Regular user doesn't want to fiddle with geeky stuff.
2. OS that aims to be used by a regular user has to work out of the box.
3. Libre office has to be 100% capable of opening any kind of shit made on MS Word.
4. Currently there is no Linux distro that could satisfy a regular user.
5. You should change software (OS) and hardware at the same time.
6. There are too many Linux distros.

A lot of people comparing distros and desktops.
Is there a benchmarking tool for this?

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This is amazing - a engine for personal websites that also implements .

Just added myself on here. 😀

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Went live this morning with a new website for the Mrs as she desperately searches for any source of income in the midst of covid.

Launching a paid product to the public, even this low key, is a stress I'd like not to repeat to be honest.

Product founders have my respect.

I feel completely stupid. Tried to use Docker to install (run) an app on my linux machine. I failed. The story should've had a happy ending with localhost:8080/libreplan leading me to libreplan screen. It didn't happen. Is there a nice tutorial about using docker to run apps? It has to be very simple. Something like Docker for Dummies but dumber. Way dumber.

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Do any of you turn emails to tasks? If yes, how?

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Nextcloud is listed as one of the best cloud storage services @ZDNet

"This cloud storage solution is for anyone who wants the maximum amount of control over their cloud and doesn't mind doing some extra work to get it just right. I highly recommend it."

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Need help with Tiny Tiny RSS Android app.
When I swipe down to refresh feeds, nothing refreshes. I have to tap on each and every one and swipe down to get the new stuff. I can then swipe down on the feed list and the number of new articles appears next to the feed name.
Is there a way to automatically refresh all the feeds?

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