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Is there a way to make a blog post that could be scrolled in a loop?

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We're designing mobile-first. As web-app, but primarily for mobile users.

Because that requires us to make choices and keep focus.

But... is mobile a good focus?
How do you use your fediverse?

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Plausible Analytics Self-Hosted is out of beta! You can now install our simple, lightweight and privacy-focused analytics on your own server.

And we're launching it on "Show Hacker News"!

Why do Fosston people prefer cats to dogs? Or why there are a lot of cat pictures being posted but no dogs?

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It seems that wars in distant countries to western public serve only for getting the involved countries' names right. Maybe to learn where they are on the map...

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Hello, this is the official account for flockingbird.

We are building a professional social network (think: LinkedIn) for the fediverse.

Here, we'll post occasional updates and pointers to where we are at. And we'll try to answer questions about the project.

Account is operated by @berkes so feel free to cc that.

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Adopt a black dog. They often get left behind because lighter colored dogs are more photogenic... And today is Black dog day.

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Now the blockchain folks have sullied the term decentralised maybe we should take this opportunity to focus on what truly matters: creating decentred technology. Non-colonial approaches that don’t require ourselves to be at the centre of what is built.

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I see a lot of parents being pressured to buy paid courses on "programming for kids" which are all simply using Scratch with bad instructions.

So, I have put together this syllabus/sequence of high-quality learning resources (apps/free courses/ articles/videos) that I followed for my own kid with spectacular success:

I am starting with Facebook. Deleted the thing a while ago. Now to get two more todo it.

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It just crossed my mind that you can change anything if you make a change and convince just two people to make the change in the same way as you did.

Is it possible to find out who is behind a Twitter account? If yes how?
Let say that plain asking doesn't work and that account is a made up name with some random picture.
I am asking because I'd like to know what are plausible ways someone (even government) could do it.

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