So, is degoogling working for you? Have any of you gotten back to gmail?

@urusan Can't resist thinking that some imperial units pundit tried to find convincing reason behind, well imperial units.

We take our mental capabilities for granted. I don't mean how clever (or dumb) we are compared to someone else, but how our cognition works, how it is formed by our experience, and how uniquely we can think about the world around us.
A great book that touches on the subject.

@urusan When I say combo... It is kind of family-friends time that spans one week from Xmas to NY of visiting, return visits, and a lot of food and some good wine. This year only visits are with close family and meeting friends in open spaces.

@urusan I celebrate Christmas New Year. combo. Not in religious way, but as a custom.

@sotolf Maybe there's a way to make a mind map out of it...

@sotolf I. know about tree, but I would like it to look nicer. :)

I need to visualize a directory tree. Any suggestions?

@wholesomedonut Since optical mice appearedy they last forever. I still use the same couple of mice I got in 2000's

@Zach777 I have Linux alongside Windows. Need Windows because of software I use.

Which free (or non free) antivirus would you suggest for Windows?

How to install Ubooquity on Synology and Kuboo on Android phone to have your ebook library reader ready. New blog post.

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