So, is degoogling working for you? Have any of you gotten back to gmail?

@paladin I've been using a degoogled phone since January, it is going great! I only use gmail for university stuff since I have to use the account they provide.

@paladin Yes and no! Let me explain. Despite not using Gmail, Gdrive, Chrome... I still use an Android phone with Google services and Play Store, because it's convenient. I use my phone for day-to-day banking. Make payments, withdraw money from ATM machines... And unfortunately my bank app doesn't work on a degoogled phone. So, the alternative would be an iPhone, but they're so expensive...

@paladin yup, working well for me. I’ve been off Google (except for YouTube) for a couple years now. Here’s the last time I wrote about it -

@kev @paladin Oh man. I have so much memories from Google+. Miss it so darn much!

@edgren yeah, it was amazing! Especially the first version before they changed it all.


@kev @paladin Yeah. But the version they had back in 2014 was good too, but not as good as the previous version. I remember I was a little disappointed when they released that newer design.

@paladin why would anyone go *back* to google?
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