Which free (or non free) antivirus would you suggest for Windows?

@paladin Windows Defender. It'll be running anyway; might as well use it.

@paladin Eset is my go-to, but Defender has good ratings, apparently.

@paladin I have been using Defender for years and years now, no issues. It's fast, relatively smart and light on resources.


Common sense. Failing that switching to an OS that isn't virus ridden.

@Zach777 I have Linux alongside Windows. Need Windows because of software I use.

@paladin Windows is just a big piece of proprietary malware. But if you have to use it, use your common sense as antivirus. Most antivirus are spyware or nagware that slow down your system. Windows Defender has a lot of built in telemetry, If I were you I wouldn't have it active

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