Guys, what is the best/easiest way to transfer files between android and windows?


I have it on multiple devices and my phone. Stuff syncs all over the place in the background without me ever having to think about it.

@gray Thanks! What about when you want to send one file every now and then? Can it be set up to work like this?

@paladin I'm not sure actually. If there was something I just wanted to randomly share to one of the other devices, I'd just make sure I saved it in the shared folder and it would appear.

@paladin @gray What do you mean?

(I can also recommend Syncthing. I've been using it for a long time.)

@hund @gray Just that I wanted to share a file occasionally. I managed to set up syncting. Two empty folders in sync. When I need to share, I drop a file in it. Nice! Thank you all!

@paladin If you're technically inclined, you might consider using Termux on Android to use scp to ssh your files to your PC. It's fast, secure, local, and scriptable.

Getting a ssh server set up on windows is definitely doable, though I haven't done it in years myself. At the very least you could use Cygwin.

Alternatively, if you just want a turnkey solution that is probably secure, there's Syncthing.

It works like a charm.

@urusan Haha... I am still working on the docker inclination you were so nice to help me with.


USB cable?

i've got an app called Wifi File Transfer - it sets up an FTP URL you can browse to on your computer, but it only accesses internal storage and not the microSD card.

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