Do any of you turn emails to tasks? If yes, how?

@paladin In a wider sense many of us do on a daily basis, when an email means "action required".

What kind of tasks do you mean here? CalDAV tasks or something application-specific?

@floppy In outlook there are couple of options :

Drag and drop an email into the To-Do pane.

Move or copy the email into the Tasks folder from the right-click context menu.

Use a Quick Step to create a task.

I've used Thunderbird for work as well, and yes, tags worked for me too.

I've read that todoist in some payed version has an option of emailing to it.

I just wondered if anyone here uses some nice trick to do it with foss software.

I am thinking of a one stop shop for to-dos.

@paladin If you are talking about Thunderbird in particular, then it is possible to right-click an email, and select "Convert To" and "Task...". Before migrating to org-mode I used that feature very often.

The Lightning addon provided this feature, but in more recent versions Thunderbird supports this natively.

@paladin A while ago I wrote a Python script that reads Thunderbird's global message index (an sqlite database) and extracts emails tagged with a custom tag. Much can be done from there on.

I use Emacs' org-mode, so turning emails into tasks then simply meant writing a text file in the right format. The Thunderbird addon ThunderLink even allowed creating URI links to emails.

However, I never got into the habit of using all that. Instead I just sticked to direct tag sorting in Thunderbird.

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