@paladin ttrss is great software, but you shouldn't use it for the niceness of devs or the community lol. Bunch of jerks.

@Matter I agree. I just wanted to know whether I can refresh feeds in Android automatically and not one by one.

@paladin @Matter oh this is real? Damn, that is just uncalled for. If that was me I'd cancle subscription and find another app.

@jordan31 @Matter Yup. Try asking a question on their telegram channel. It would actually be amusing to pull that guy's chain if I in fact weren't needing help with this ...

@paladin @Matter I'm tempted to even though I don't use it. Have you tried emailing someone else informing them the guy is a jerk?

@jordan31 @Matter Yes and no... My first message was to the official email. No reply. So I copy pasted that to the message.

@paladin having read more of his stuff online… This comes as no surprise.

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