Linux distro and desktop review for beginners by a beginner.

:debian: :elementary: :cinnamon: :kde: :linuxmint: :manjaro: :mate: :xfce: :mxlinux:

Thank you @kcancelik @marian_mizik @hrodnand for sharing your thoughts on the subject.

@paladin Good article. Beginners are often overwhelmed when it comes to choose a distro. What this article illustrate nicely is that major distro just work and for regular users, they will all do the job nicely and you won't notice a difference. Desktop environment are mostly a matter of taste and you can change them very easily.

Maybe what's most important is to pick a distro with a large user base so you can get help if needed (and most likely your question has already been asked)


@kintaro Thanks. Large user base. I'll have to check that one. For Ubuntu Mate I am using, user base is Ubuntu. Pretty big I guess.

@paladin Yes that's one big advantage with Ubuntu, the community is huge so it's easy to get help

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