A question to all degoogling veterans: How do you read MBOX mail data after Google take out?

@paladin I would recommend downloading it all with OfflineIMAP. You could then sync it back to any email account you want to. And you have full readability.

@paladin @erm67 I have no idea what options there is for Windows. It's not something I use myself.

@paladin @hund @paladin
Probably Thunderbird or mailpile can do it, as other said the best solution is to import or copy the mails to an IMAP server, that what I did using evolution.

@erm67 @hund Mailpile... Interesting but too difficult for a quick solution in my case.
Thunderbird portable on a USB drive did the trick. I think I will backup an image of installation together with imported mbox file.
It is amazing how a proper email client is better than webmail for navigating through some 5000 emails.
I plan to use this only offline if anyone wondered.

@paladin @erm67 @hund

10 - 15 years ago I took A Thunderbird mail folder, copied it from Win 98 to a Linux Computer, and then a year or so later copied it back to a Win XP partition, just to see if it would work, and it did.

But then I ditched all that for a Gmail account... and now it's time to ditch Gmail.

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