I am starting with Facebook. Deleted the thing a while ago. Now to get two more todo it.

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It just crossed my mind that you can change anything if you make a change and convince just two people to make the change in the same way as you did.

Is it possible to find out who is behind a Twitter account? If yes how?
Let say that plain asking doesn't work and that account is a made up name with some random picture.
I am asking because I'd like to know what are plausible ways someone (even government) could do it.

OK, I have to use Win for my work so bare with me.
Where can one find add ins for Microsoft office programs???
I know Microsoft online help is crap you have to sift patiently to find something, but c'mon?! I am missing an elephant in the room. Is there some new neat place where all add-ins are or ...

Which email account would you open for your kid, nephew, parents... if that account would be their only account? Would you advise them to use their name as username or some nick?

Anyone care to share an opinion on the subject?

EU leaders to call for an EU electronic ID by mid-2021 – EURACTIV.com

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In case you missed it: we’ve left Google Analytics in favor of Plausible. Read why, and learn why we like Plausible so much more with our brief review. blog.elementary.io/leaving-goo

ZIM is great! Is there a greater FOSS wiki notes app that works on Windows?


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Plausible Analytics:

Made and hosted in the EU
Open source
No personal data tracked
No cookies and persistent identifiers
No tracking across devices / websites / days
All data in aggregate only
Data not shared with, sold to or sent to any third-parties


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When I read this, I just can't figure how can people use Apple products who know about it ... Apple is as dirty as all those dirty companies people protest against.

On Apple’s monopoly power to destroy HEY

It seems pcv file is just a zip file with PCV extension. To restore a profile, a new profile has to be created, emptied of all files and files from pcv file extracted to this new profile folder.

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How can one restore a profile on Thunderbird if backup was done with Mozbackup and profile is contained in .pcv file and new location is a linux machine?

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