So, is degoogling working for you? Have any of you gotten back to gmail?

We take our mental capabilities for granted. I don't mean how clever (or dumb) we are compared to someone else, but how our cognition works, how it is formed by our experience, and how uniquely we can think about the world around us.
A great book that touches on the subject.

I need to visualize a directory tree. Any suggestions?

Which free (or non free) antivirus would you suggest for Windows?

How to install Ubooquity on Synology and Kuboo on Android phone to have your ebook library reader ready. New blog post. - Free and Open Workflow Automation Tool
Anyone using?

Ubooquity works. Reading experience is painful. Kuboo connects to Ubooquity and works. Thank you author. It is meant to be used for comics. Reading experience still lacks much to be desired when reading books.
Still looking for an app with OPDS support which is as nice as Readera for reading.

Does anyone know how to clone/copy user profile in Windows? Or at least all the custom settings?

Helping someone to learn LibreOffice? Show them these shortcuts, and help them to work faster! Thanks to Ade Malsasa Akbar for making the graphic, and sharing with the community:

Collabora CODE server brought Nextcloud to a standstill... People say Onlyoffice erases documents. Is there a way to make document editing work somehow?

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Are any of you using email apps within Nextcloud?
I am using Rainloop, just tried featured app Mail, but both are somewhat awkward..

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