Guys, do you know any self hosted ebook readers?

A new blog post. It is about downloading your email from Gmail and reading them somewhere else.

Thanks to @hund and @erm67 for tips.

Maybe there is some kind of best practice to do this...

Some solutions and issues are mentioned here:

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Is there a way to write blog posts on your smartphone for a website using wordpress but without using wordpress app?

Hi! I started a website/blog. It uses a theme developed by @kev. Also tried to implement indie web stuff but I am not sure if I succeeded.
Anyway have a look!

A question to all degoogling veterans: How do you read MBOX mail data after Google take out?

Coming from non IT background with mainly non IT friends I noticed it is difficult to get other people engaged to FOSS idea. Since this idea needs masses to flourish, what would be a good way to present this idea to gain momentum?


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