I have no idea if this has any historical backup, but I like to imagine that the tower of Babel was in fact an enormous library where humanity would "reach the havens" by sharing all their knowledge.

What do you all think about the whole Richard Stallman / FSF controversy?
I honestly don't know.

Is it me or it seems like now that the most recent "Facebook is stealing my data" fad has passed Fosstodon feels a little more silent than usual? (I confess, tho, I did come in that same period, but still...)

Also, I'm still studying PHP, and I still like it more than JavaScript. I'm not sure what it is...

Well that was a bust. I tried mining Monero with my normie CPU. Monero is supposed to be more CPU friendly than Bitcoin, but you still need a pretty high-end CPU to make it even remotely profitable. With my 2 core 3GH cpu I was getting the fabulous hashrate of... 134h/s, which after almost 12 hours yielded bupkis, nada, zero XMR.
Anyway, I really was just curious to see how it worked, I guess I'll keep trying to get a normal job and whatnot.

Wrote a new entry to my gemini blog (glog?) plus, updated meme of the day!


@blueberry @themactep @Ghosty @moddedBear @christopher Wow, so many responses in a short time. Thanks a lot to all! I have bunch of new information to keep researching.

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A little help?
I'm trying to configure port forwarding in my router settings to host a basic website, just as experiment; but I can't get it to work. I think I may have found the problem: In the router page, under WAN IP, there is one IP which should be my public IP, right? within my LAN, I can see the site on that address, but not outside of it. On ip4.me, and other such sites, they show me a different IP address. Is this something that I should ask my ISP about? Or that shouldn't be a problem?

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I've created my gemini capsule in tilde.pink: gemini://tilde.pink/~pabrobet
Check it out, if you are into that sort of thing :wink:

Can I self-host a gemini capsule on my home PC, or would be a really bad idea for security, or other reasons?

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Let's build centralized mainframes and have minimal terminals connected to them!

No wait, CPU is cheap and everyone can have a powerful computer: let's do distributed computing!

No wait, bandwidth is cheap and ubiquitous and servers can autoscale and stuff now. Let's centralize computing and use the browser and mobile apps as terminals!

No wait, that means all my software is subscription and held hostage by the provider and I have less control of my data…

And around and around we go

Found my dad's old, like, really old laptop. When it was new it was rather high-end, but that was around 2005 or I dunno.

Anyway, I just installed Lubuntu on it and seems to run fine so far. My next project is to turn it into a server, even if it's not 24/7 up, it'll be fun, I think. I don't know the first thing about that tho.

Any suggestions?

After about a year of using Linux almost exclusively...

I fucking hate Windows.

Worst of all is that now if for some reason I need to boot into Windows it will take ages to download and set up updates just to tell me it failed to install updates, need to delete changes, and then take even longer.
And that's not all. When I finally manage to start it, do my thing and want to log out, it just won't, if I try to shut off, it starts again until I force the shutdown.
Fuck. Just needed to vent.

I just discovered gemini protocol. Anyone around here have gemini pods to add to my bookmarks?

I just finished the re-design of my website to make it much lighter and better-looking than it was before 😄 It's in Spanish, but I thought you guys migh appreciate the design. Also, should I do an English version and offer minimalist web development services to non-Spanish speakers? Do you think that might be a profitable niche as a web developer?

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WSB play on GameStop is hilarious and great.

But the best play is to completely withdraw from the obviously rigged stock market and go all in into #Bitcoin -- that's the ultimate short squeeze, let them fuckers just print themselves to death.

I think my favorite quote of all time is Ayn Rand's “Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.”

It basically says that if you think something happening is contradictory, it usually just means you don't understand shit.

The thing and how people are weirded out at the fact that people like AOC, R. Tlaib and also Mark Cuban and Ben Shapiro are supporting it got me thinking of this.

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