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Listen to an audiobook. has free, public domain books recorded by volunteers.

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If you would like to use messengers based on Matrix or XMPP, that sounds strange at first. But using these is like using email. You look for a provider/server that suits you. There you register. Then you pick a client. If unsure, start with Riot or Conversations. You can switch later. Enter your account credentials in the client, and off you go. Best is to ask a buddy to try it out with you.
Delta Chat uses your email account, nothing to explain here.
And yes, you may have more than one.

And which OS you recomend to use on x86-64 laptop?
BSD? Or maybe another?
Because Linux supported by Microsoft, that I see as threat to freedom

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I plan to abandon Intel, AMD and ARM, which are still processors used in real computers, phones (including feature phones with J2ME), audio players, etc.?
P. S. Excluding Russian, Chienese and American

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Don't compare yourself to other people. Instead, measure your progress based on where you came from and how much you've grown.

Hi, I'm Pavel, ordinary Ukrainian IT student. I like coffee, late night talks and open-source apps. This is my new micro-blog (after proprietary Twitter required phone number and didn't sent code to confirm). I will post toots about different topics like books, music, science, podcasts, video games, computing, or just what I do or happening right now. I don't have a time and inspiration to post often, so don't think that I'm leaved Mastodon, I will use it sometimes when it was needed.


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